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20.05.1994 (concert)

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20 May 1994 [1]
Performance by Feeling B
Performers:Paul, Aljoscha, Flake and Schneider
Tour:Feeling B Tour
Other artists:Rammstein
Songs:2 known
Video:PRO, partial (1)
Feeling B touring chronology
24 Dec 1993 20 May 1994 19 Dec 2000


  • This was the last Feeling B concert where any Rammstein members were involved.
  • Rammstein also performed at the festival, two days later.[2] Paul, Flake, Schneider and the other Rammstein members also worked as security for the festival admittance.[3]


The complete setlist is unknown and the order may be wrong.



  • Parts of Ich such die DDR and Mix mir einen Drink were shown in the documentary ACHTUNG! WIR KOMMEN..


  • Flake has contributed a chapter to the book Blues und Scherben devoted to the festival.[5]


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