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Released:27 March 2020

ACHTUNG! WIR KOMMEN. Und Wir Kriegen Euch Alle. is a documentary by German director Carl G. Hardt. It is essentially a sequel of the East German documentary flüstern & SCHREIEN from 1988.


At first the film carried the name flüstern & SCHREIEN 1988/1994 – Feeling B und Sandow – zwei Ostberliner Bands zwischen Vergangenheit und Gegenwart and was a pure TV production with a runtime of 55 minutes. It aired only twice: first on 1 May 1995 at MDR and a second and final time on 12 June 1995 at ORB. The first 40 minutes of the documentary consisted of a compilation of the film from 1988, while the second part focused on the development of Feeling B and Sandow after the fall of the Berlin Wall, also showing the founding phase of Rammstein. It was directed by Dieter Schumann (the director of the 1988 movie) and Carl G. Hardt wrote the script. [1]
Three years later, Carl returned from Bolivia and found that Rammstein have grown into a world band. He realized at his own expense a remake of the 1994 version (also called flüstern & SCHREIEN - Teil 2 or flüstern & SCHREIEN - Die Fortsetzung), naming the project Wir kriegen euch alle!. As with "flüstern & SCHREIEN" he wanted to enter the big cinemas, but Carl got issues with the Rammstein management. They demanded to insert the exact years of the material shown, causing the disturbance of the narration and therefore Carl's disagreement.[2]

Although being forbidden to show it, screenings of the film happened after the death of former Feeling B bassist Christoph Zimmermann on 9 November 1999. Ultimately after his death, Carl wanted to pay tribute to him by creating a second remake of the movie. After a year of editing interviews and footage of the memorial concert the work is done, but the news of Aljoscha's death arrived resulting in further editing, to consider his role as main protagonist.

Old poster

In 2001 the film premiered in selected theatres as draft version (runtime of 107 minutes) using the admission fees to put the finishing touches on the film[3] and another sequel.[4] The theatre Kiste in Berlin showed the film during the whole year. To avoid a sentence of the Rammstein management, Carl had to edit two women into the movie to give the impression that they directed it.[5] One of them is credited as Henrietta von Stahlheim.[6] Nonetheless, the Rammstein management sued the director and wanted him to hand out all of his Rammstein archive and delete the scenes from the movie.

The world premiere of the English version "Look Out! We're Coming to Get You!" took place on 29 November 2003 at the "Háskólabio" theatre in Reykjavik, Iceland.[7] Other non-German premieres took place at the Horizons film festival in Tokyo (Japan), Kaliningrad (Russia), Estonia, Austria and Basel (Switzerland).

Regarding the Rammstein case, in 2008 the director gave in and handed out everything he had, plus deleting the scenes. He replaced Rammstein by showing Sandow, Santa Clan, Cultus Ferox and Brain Drain instead. Although apologizing to the rest of the band, Carl thanked Flake for his involvement, because without his intervention the movie wouldn't get released in any version ever.[8] A DVD of this "censored" version got released in 2008.

After the departure from their old management, Pilgrim, the director was able to talk to Flake, who was happy to see the band being put in again. The new edit, tentatively called Achtung! Wir kommen. - The Rammstein Story, had its world premiere on 4 October 2014 in Dresden. Due to processing failure the days before, the film was only shown as rough cut. After the premiere the director Carl G. Hardt gave answers to some questions and was available to talk to later in the evening. On 11 September 2015 and 3 March 2016[9] were other premieres of drafts.

On 24 March 2019 the film was temporary released in German as video-on-demand on before getting a final touch-up for the DVD release on 27 March 2020. So far editions in other languages are planned for release in one form or another as well as screenings in Eastern Europe among other places.[10] The German version was eventually commercially available on 5 November 2021 through various streaming platforms.


The documentary shows different punkrock and metal bands from the former German Democratic Republic from mid 80's to early 90's.

The Rammstein-related material contains interviews, different scenes of the demo tape pre-production of Du riechst so gut, Schwarzes Glas and Laichzeit at a house in Eichwalde on 4 August 1994[11], the studio recordings of Du riechst so gut, Alter Mann and Wilder Wein at Knaack club in Berlin[12] and excerpts of the concert in Rostock on 27 August 1994.