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Zoran Bihać

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Zoran Bihać (born 26 December 1965 in Ludwigsburg) is a German music video and advertising director.

Zoran studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. In 1996 he founded his production company Flaming Star. Among his first clients in the music business were Jam & Spoon, E Rotic and Schweisser. Since then he worked with a lot of different famous German artists like Stephan Weidner, Die Fantastischen Vier, Turntablerocker, Beatsteaks, Freundeskreis, Tokio Hotel, The Pharcyde, Westbam, Moderndog (Thailand), but also with a lot more, lesser known artists.

He is also succesfully directing TV adverts and shot numerous spots for companies like IKEA, Toyota, Nike, Volvo, Ben, Ono, San Miguel, Coke, Hornbach, Mercedes, Movistar, Volksbank, Mediamarkt, Once, bet at home, Kas, Jim Beam or Vodafone.

Connection to Rammstein

Over the last years Zoran directed a few music videos for Rammstein. Those were:

Connection to Emigrate

Zoran shot one video for Emigrate:

Connection to Lindemann

Zoran shot the following videos for Lindemann:

Connection to Na Chui

Beside being a member of Na Chui, Zoran also shot a music video for the project:

Connection to Till Lindemann solo

Zoran shot the following videos for Till Lindemann: