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Knebel (video) 2

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Knebel is the third music video off the album F & M by Lindemann.

Music video by Lindemann
Shoot:2017 - 2019
Location:Rummu Quarry, Estonia
Director:Zoran Bihać
Premiere:1 November 2019 (23:00 CET) []
Lindemann music video chronology
Ich weiß es nicht Knebel Frau & Mann


  • A trailer for the video was released on 31 October 2019 on the official Lindemann YouTube channel. The trailer can be seen here.
    • A second trailer was posted on 1 November, this trailer can be seen here.
  • The video was shot in Estonia, near the Rummu Quarry.[1]
  • Security guards were hired to guard the area in order to prevent paparazzi from photographing the video shoot.[2]
  • The concept of the video was invented by Zoran Bihać.[2]
  • The video team consisted of 25-30 people.[2]
  • The filming was divided into three parts: scenes with Till and the girl, the underwater shots a couple months later and the winter scenes.[2]
  • According to the producer Ilya Medovy, the underwater scenes were the most difficult. "We had to spend quite a lot of time in the water and even though it was summer, it was very cold there. In winter it was absolutely extreme!"[2]
  • They filmed from 8 to 10 hours per day.[2]
  • "Till was very professional and was ready to spend hours in ice-cold water without complaining. At the same time, he was very friendly and respectful towards surrounding team." said the producer.[2]
  • Both the fish and the bite are real. "We ate that eel for lunch later.", the producer said.[2]
  • The video was displayed on the screen behind the band on Messer Tour, when the band performed Yukon.[3]


Peter and Till can be seen walking through a river inside a forest. Till is dragging a naked girl on a leash with him. The girl holds a snowglobe in her hands, inside of which is the location where Till can be seen standing in knee-deep water. The video also cuts to Till being tethered under the water by a leash. When the heavy part of the song comes in, Till has a bloody face. The girl comes out of the water, across from him. He starts performing cunnilingus on her, while blood flows from her vagina. The scene gets cut with shots of Till biting off the head of an eel. After that, he is seen with the leash around his neck, being left behind in the building.


  • Director: Zoran Bihac
  • Editor: Rob Myers
  • Producer: Nafta Films,
  • Production Manager: Deniss Bardašov
  • Production Coordinator: Kristel Muiste
  • Location Manager: Kristo Kaljuvee
  • SFX Supervisor: Rauno Linnamäe
  • Stunt Coordinator: Enar Tarmo
  • Production Designer / Stylist: Kristina
  • Art Director: Joonas Hirv
  • Set Dresser: Jaan Kontkar
  • Makeup & Costume: Krislin Lainelo
  • Sound Design: Dennis Beckmann
  • Drone Operator: Jaan Kronberg
  • Underwater Filming: Janne Kasperi Suhonnen
  • Filming (House): Heiko Sikka
  • Filming (Ice hole): Gunnar Laal
  • Filming (River): Konstantin Minnich