CD-Rom Inédit (video)

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CD-Rom Inédit
CD-Rom Inédit cover
Video by Rammstein
Released: 2001
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Universal
Producer: Jacob Hellner
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Rammstein video chronology
Du hast / Stripped
CD-Rom Inédit
Multimedia Sampler

CD-Rom Inédit is the second promo-only video DVD by Rammstein. It was released some time in 2001 in France.



This CDr was available on a limited basis as a bonus item with some purchases of the Mutter digipak in France.


The sleeve is minimalistic, but notable for including distorted versions of the Rammstein lettering and the Dirk Rudolph logo. These variations are completely unique to this promotional release.


Promotional DVD