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Sonne is the first music video off the album Mutter by Rammstein.

Sonne cover
Music video by Rammstein
Single: Sonne
Director: Joern Heitmann
Location: Babelsberger Filmstudio
Shoot: 13 - 15 January 2001
Premiere: 29 January 2001
Length: 03:58/04:12 (US)
Video chronology
Stripped Sonne Links 2-3-4


  • The US version of the video showed scenes for the counting 1 to 10. The rest of the world started directly with the main riff.
  • On his website, director Joern Heitmann writes the following about the video:

It was my first meeting with Rammstein when Olli Riedel handed me an ancient Babelsberg version of Snowwhite asking me if I could make them dwarfs. I promised I could. Raised in the western part of Germany myself I grew up with the Disney version of that fairytale. It came out a mix of both worlds. Rammstein Gitarist Paul Landers told me later though that I made Snow White big instead of making them dwarfs. Interesting point.

  • Another idea for the video was the band playing in a rehearsal room and starting to fight with each other. After a while the walls get blown away and Mongolians on horses drag the band members away. This story was later used for Steh auf.[1]


  • Rammstein
  • Joulia Stepanova
  • Robert (last name unknown)