Frau & Mann (video)

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Frau & Mann is the fourth music video off the album F & M by Lindemann.

Frau & Mann
Music video by Lindemann
Director:Sergey Minadze
Premiere:23 November 2019
(18:00 CET) [YouTube]
Lindemann music video chronology
Knebel Frau & Mann Ach so gern


Promotional poster by Natalya Handoga.
  • A teaser for the video was released on 22 November 2019 on the official Lindemann YouTube channel. The teaser has since been unlisted.
  • A making of was released on 12 July 2020.


Peter Stormare and Peter Tägtgren are seen playing Chess in a space station. Stormare wins the game and Tägtgren angrily throws away the Chessboard. He goes to his bed and looks at a photo, the same that Stormare does. Stormare holds the photo to his chest. After that Till can be seen standing in his office, watching his female workers and smoking. He goes to his desk and gets out a photo of Loboda, who is then shown working in his factory. She stamps a date on a box and wants to lift it on to a carrier, when the bottom of the box breaks and all glass falls out and gets destroyed on the ground. Till gets angry and shouts at her in his office. As he gets closer he is trying to rape Loboda. She takes an ashtray and punches it against his forehead, which allows her to escape. Back in the space station Stormare and Tägtgren are in front of a snake behind glass. Stormare is drawin a picture of Tägtgren, who is himself checking some technical stuff. They get the message that the Engineer (Tägtgren) shuold leave the space station and return to Earth. The captain (Stormare) is told to stay. Till is seen going home, where he takes off his jacket, sits down, drinks beer and reads the newspaper. After reading for a while he spits all beer from his mouth onto the newspaper. Tägtgren is seen walking on Earth towards people of the press. He sees his girlfriend Loboda, who instantly hugs him. Stormare is seen on the space station. He is sad and starts drinking vodka. Till starts drinking his beer again. Stormare holds a family photo of Tägtgren, on which he replaced the head of Loboda with his own. Stormare and Till both get mad. Stormare hits the window of his space station, Till is angrily walking around in his room, hitting himself on the head, screaming. The postman knocks on Till's door and hands him a Telegram by Tägtgren: "DEAR BROTHER I CAME BACK. COME TO DINNER". After reading that, Tills gets ready to go to that dinner. As he arrives he greets all people at the table and immediatly starts eating. People ask about the wound on his forehead. After that Loboda is entering the room and sits next to Tägtgren, which leaves Till in a weird situation, as he also notices the green ash tray she used earlier to escape his rape. His wound starts bleeding again and he leaves the dinner to sit outside on a bench. He takes out a photo of Loboda and Tägtgren and rips it in half, to throw one half of the photo away. Stormare is walking by in his space outfit to stop and stare at Till. He sits next to him and sees that Till kept the half with Tägtgren on it. He gets jealous and punches Till in the face.

Video facts

  • The shooting for this music video lasted for 4,5 shifts.[1]
  • It took 1,5 years from the first ideas were made to the release of the video.[1]
  • Peter Stormare came from Canada for two days to play in the music video between Hollywood projects.[1]
  • The scene where Till destroys the apartment is pure improvisation and was shot in one take.[2]
  • Shooting of scenes with Svetlana Loboda ended at 12am on her birthday. The stamp that Loboda puts on the box has the date of her birthday.[1][2]
  • It took 5 days to build space station prop, record time for this kind of stage building.[2]
  • 120 people were involved in this project.[2]


  • Director: Sergey Minadze
  • Associating Director: Peter Tägtgren
  • Video concept:
    • Peter Tägtgren
    • Till Lindemann
  • Screenriters:
    • Vitaliy Kapitonov
    • Kirill Kuzentsov
    • Sergey Miadze
  • Producer/exectuive producer: Fedor Kan
  • Creative producers:
    • Vitaliy Kapitonov
    • Peter Tägtgren
  • Director of photography: Arseniy Kan
  • Production designer: Xeniya Tsel'
  • Editor: Ilya Malov
  • Casting director: Darina Sidorenko
  • Costume designer: Olesia Vavilova
  • Production manager: Luba Rigolbosh
  • Postproduction producer: Polina Petrova
  • Mae up artist: Ulyana Reznik
  • Stunt director: Maxim Yakovlev
  • Factory workers:
    • Sergey Protasov
    • Aleksander Churakov
    • Aleksandra Krasnoperova
    • Vera Pleshanova
    • Alena Kallistova
    • Irina Sushko
    • Liya Medvedeva
    • Alena Shmonina
    • Sofia Molchanova
    • Alena Pryanichnikova
    • Maria Kleshnina
  • Medics:
    • Nikolay Smirnov
    • Sergey Petrovisky
  • Photographers:
    • Vladimir Singov
    • Vitaliy Kapitonov
    • Sergey Protasov
    • Gennadiy Kabak
  • Clerks:
    • Aleksander Churakov
    • Viktor Efremoy
    • Yuriy Dikun
    • Pavel Fominenko
  • Postman: Anar Reiband
  • Bus driver: Sergey Protasov
  • Stunt double of Svetlana Loboda: Kseniya Patsinskaya
  • Mother: Nina Harlamova
  • Father: Yuriy Dobrovolskiy
  • Kids:
    • Katya Kromova
    • Maxim Antipov
  • Lindemann crew:
    • Producer:
      • Anna Yakina
      • Anar Reiband
    • Management Lindemann:
      • Birgit Fordyce
      • Stefan Mehnert
    • Universal Music Germany:
      • Philippe Koenig
      • Lisa Heins
  • Svetlana Loboda crew:
    • Actress producer: Natella Krapivina
    • Actress director: Yulia Mulenko
    • Costume designer: Bicholla Tetradze
    • PR-Manager: Nikolay Stepanov
    • Actress Make-Up artist: Tina Antonenko
    • Actress hairdresser: Konstantin Kochegov
    • Actress administrator: Liudmila Timofeeva
  • Director'S crew:
    • 1st AD: Diana Ugryumova
    • 2d director: Anastasiya Nesterova
    • Assistant director: Evgeny Daniyalov
    • Casting director: Darina Sidorenko
    • Casting director assistant:
      • Lyubov Gladysheva
    • Ekaterina Klein
  • Camera crew:
    • Technical manager: Vyaheslav Mogildia
    • 1st AC: Dmitriy Bredelev
    • Focus puller: Anna Zakharina
    • Dit: Aleksander Scenya
    • Logger: Anna Krishtal
    • Crane operator:
      • Sergey Kolpakov
      • Vyacheslav Hohlov
      • Aleksander Makov
    • Crane operator/Dolly AC:
      • Dmitriy Frolov
      • Mikhail Oskin
  • Light:
    • Gaffer: Stanislav Gerasimov
    • Electrician:
      • Yuriy Kuznetsov
      • Igor Savchenko
      • Ismail Nurmagomedov
      • Pavel Iluk
      • Sergey Baluev
      • Volodya Zaharov
      • Pavel Rumyantsev
      • Ivan Tolstov
  • Art direction crew:
    • Production designer assistant:
      • Andrey Abramenkov
      • Igor Aksenov
    • Props master:
      • Lara Trubacheva
      • Evgeniy Sharakshane
      • Denis Baklanov
    • Props assistant: Ivan Klyukov
    • Set designer:
      • Fedor Kalinin
      • Gennadiy Muratov
      • Konstantin Orlov
      • Yuriy Delyanskiy
  • Costume crew:
    • Costume designer assistant_
      • Ella Fedyanova
      • Maria Saenko
    • Costumer: Daria Shuvalova
  • Make up crew:
    • Make up artist assistant.
      • Olga Bezdenezhnyh
      • Natasha Zaitseva
  • Administration:
    • Set manager: Aleksander Kovalenko
    • Location manager: Ivan Shuraev-Gorskiy
    • Coordination: Daria Ivanova
    • Translator on the set: Aleksandra Kurbanaeva
    • Workman on the set:
      • Yaroslav Shtuchko
      • Ilya Esipov
      • Vladimir Kuznetsov
    • Runner: Timofei Prohorov