Sehnsucht (single)

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Sehnsucht cover
Single by Rammstein
Released July 18, 1997
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte
Label Slash
Producer Jacob Hellner
Rammstein chronology
Du hast
Das Modell
Promotional poster for the single
Promotional stand for the single

Sehnsucht is a promotional single off the album "Sehnsucht" by Rammstein. It was released in 1997, only in the US.


The song was intended to be released as a regular single, but the band chose to release "Das Modell" instead.


The single came in a jewel case. It was only available in the USA as a promotional item and is the only release where an edited version of the song can be found.


Promotional single

  1. Sehnsucht (Edit) - 03:40
  2. Sehnsucht - 04:04