Fat (song)

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Song by Lindemann from the album Skills in Pills
GEMA database:15691519-001
Composer:Peter Tägtgren
Lyricist:Peter Tägtgren
Till Lindemann
Abyss Studio, Pärlby
Producer:Peter Tägtgren
Mixed:Stefan Glaumann
Toytown Studios, Stockholm
Mastered:Svante Forsbäck
Chartmakers, Helsinki
Released:19 June 2015
Live debut:1 Dec 2018 (as Lindemann)
1 Jan 2022 (as Till Lindemann)
Last performed:17 Mar 2020 (as Lindemann)
4 Jan 2024 (as Till Lindemann)
Live count:28 (as Lindemann)
29 (as Till Lindemann)
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Skills in Pills tracklist
  1. Skills in Pills
  2. Ladyboy
  3. Fat
  4. Fish On
  5. Children of the Sun
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Cowboy
  8. Golden Shower
  9. Yukon
  10. Praise Abort
  11. That's My Heart

Fat is the third song on the album Skills in Pills by Lindemann.


  • Till told in an interview with Rafabasa what the message of the song is: [1]

(En español) ¿Gordas, no? (risas). El mensaje que se transmite en la canción es “gústate, quiérete”, no importa lo que diga la gente de ti. Sin embargo, si tú no sabes quererte y gustarte, tienes realmente un problema, y por supuesto “me gustan las gordas” (en español). ¡Quiérete a ti mismo!, es el mensaje que quiero transmitir constantemente. No me gusta la gente que no sabe valorar quién es solo por tener unos kilos de más, o que no ve quién es realmente. Me gustan las mujeres gordas que saben lo que quieren y van de frente. Realmente me gusta verlas como se lavan el pelo, ducharse, olerlas, ver que están bien consigo misma (risas).

(In Spanish) Fat, no? (laughs). The message of the song is, “Like yourself, love yourself”, no matter what people say about you. However, if you don't know how to love, or even like yourself, you really have a problem, and of course “I like fatties”. “Like yourself!” is the message I want to keep conveying. I don't like people who can't appreciate themselves just because of a few extra pounds, or who can't see who they really are. I like fat women who know what they want and play it straight. I really like seeing them washing their hair, showering, smelling them, to see them feeling good about themselves.



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Fat Skills in Pills 04:11 2013-2014 19.06.2015


Title Release Type Length Recorded Released
Fat Live in Moscow Audio 04:17 15 Mar 2020 #1
15 Mar 2020 #2
VTB Arena – Dynamo Central Stadium, Moscow 21 May 2021
Video 04:30


Title Release Length Remixed by Released Notes
Fat (Jonas Kjellgren Remix) Praise Abort 03:02 Remix by Jonas Kjellgren 29 May 2015
Fat (Oliver Huntemann Electronica Mix) Praise Abort 04:21 Remix by Oliver Huntemann 29 May 2015


Album version

Your dirty sweat, my sweetest potion
Your armpits swampy, little oceans
Your flabby butthole, a soggy cave
I put in my parts and let them bathe, so

Call me freaky, call me sick
I like it sticky, I like it big - fat
I hate it skinny, I hate it flat
I don't need mini, I like it fat

People laughing about your size
We can fuck them on your French Fries
When I break open your kingsize bra
Your giant boobs are just wunderbar

Call me freaky, call me sick - fat
I like it sticky, I like it big
I hate it skinny, I hate it flat - fat
I don't need mini, I like it fat

Every night I have this dream
I'm sliding down a slappy stream
Straight in your mouth, the smack is strong
I eat your lips, your furry tongue

You call me freaky, you call me sick - fat
I like you sticky, I like you big - fat
I hate you skinny, I hate you flat - fat
Don't need you mini, (I) I like you fat - fat

So call it crazy or call it fate
Just with you I want, want to get laid
But your holes are hard, so hard to find
It doesn't matter I fuck you, fuck you from behind