16 August

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  • In 1994 Rammstein played in Hamburg, Germany.
  • In 1997 Rammstein played in Cologne, Germany. This was the legendary "knickers gig". The band performed wearing only knickers. The band played the show without any pyro effects. Instead they started playing with water. During Seemann, the band sat in front of the drums and the audience was singing the song. After Engel, Martina Kubos, who was leading the fanclub back then, came on stage and took Till's mic. When he took it back off of her, she took it again from him, after which he left the stage annoyed. Martina called him back and announced that the Rammstein-Ruhrpott fanclub created a "black gold" award of the band: a piece of coal with the Engel-CD put into it. After that the show went on.
  • In 1998 Rammstein played at Zillo Festival, Hildesheim, Germany. Someone got married onstage, Flake can be heard saying wedding vows during the bridge of Heirate mich. Wilder Wein was on the setlist, but it wasn't played.