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Engel cover
Single by Rammstein
Video: Engel
Released: 1 April 1997
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Motor
Producer: Jacob Hellner
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Rammstein single chronology
Engel (Fan-Edition)

Engel is the first single off the album Sehnsucht by Rammstein. It was released on 1 April 1997.



The single came in two different formats. Jewel case and digipak. The jewel case was released in Germany via Motor, in France via XIII BIS Records. Promotional singles had a different tracklist than the commercial single: some came just with "Engel" as a one-track-CD, others included the English version of the song as a hidden track.


Both the digipak and the jewel case versions were misprinted. The mispressed versions included a different mix of Sehnsucht. The mispressed jewel case had the catalog number 573 665-1 01, while the corrected version had the number 573 665-1 02. The mispressed digipak on the other hand had the catalog number 573 665-2 03. Beside the different mix, the digipak version also had the problem that the two Rammstein remixes were playing as one song, so the single only had four instead of five songs.


Remixes were contributed to the single by Eskimos & Egypt.


Some copies of the original German pressing of the CD had a sticker put on the front, and were provided to members of the press in DIN A4 info folders.


Standard single
  1. Engel - 04:24
  2. Sehnsucht - 04:04
  3. Rammstein (Eskimos & Egypt Radio Edit) - 03:40
  4. Rammstein (Eskimos & Egypt Instrumental Edit) - 03:30
  5. Rammstein - 04:25
Promotional single
  1. Engel - 04:24
  2. Engel (English Version) - 04:24
  3. Sehnsucht - 04:02
Misprinted single

Songs 3 & 4 were pressed as one song, so the single only had four songs on it.

  1. Engel - 04:24
  2. Sehnsucht - 04:04
    Different mix of the song
  3. Rammstein (Eskimos & Egypt Radio Edit) + Rammstein (Eskimos & Egypt Instrumental Edit) - 07:10
  4. Rammstein - 04:25

1 April