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The exclusive online Rammstein fanclub exists since the band's formation in 1994. It is called LIFAD (short for Liebe ist für alle da) since 2012[1] and was formerly called Community[2] or Fanarea[3].


Everyone can become a member of the LIFAD. The membership lasts one year and costs 25 €. The membership can only be purchased in the official Rammstein webshop.


Date Price
2003[4] 36.00€
2007[2] - 2009[5] 18.00€
2010[6] 25.00€
18.00€ (renew membership)
2012[1] - present 25.00€


There were / are many benefits of being a LIFAD member.

  • Exclusive online forum
  • Exclusive ticket pre-sale before general public
  • Chances to win meet & greets at a concert
  • Chances of winning tickets to fanclub only concerts / rehearsals
  • Discounts in the official shop and fanclub only items
  • Chances of winning special prizes through raffles and contests
  • Exclusive news[7]
  • Logbook from the band[7]
  • Exclusive contact formular to the band[7]
  • Occasionally direct chats with the band[7]
  • Archive of the band's history[7]
  • Monthly raffles or contests[7]

Special items

In the past there were some special items which were sent out to the Fanclub members only, these were:

  • Rammstein Fanclub belt buckle (1994)
  • Rammstein Fanclub T-shirt (1994, 2004[7])
  • Rammstein Fanclub jacket (1996)
  • Rammstein Fanclub sticker (?)
  • Rammstein Fanclub mug (?)
  • Rammstein Fanclub T-shirt (?)
  • Rammstein Life (1996)
  • Du riechst so gut '98 music video storyboard (?)
  • Trial By Fire (2000)
  • Lighter (2004)
  • Christmas greeting cards (not sent out yearly)

Official Rammstein Fanclub Magazine (Fanzine)

This magazine was given out to the members of the "Official Rammstein Fanclub". It is not known exactly how many different issues exist.

  • Ausgabe 1/1997
  • Ausgabe 2+3/1998

Special concerts

There already were a few concerts or rehearsals held exclusively for fanclub members. For the complete list, see Fanclub Concerts.