27 March

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  • The Live aus Berlin DVD by Rammstein was re-released in 2020. This edition differs slightly in terms of artwork. The concert on the DVD is now including the performance of Bück dich, which was previously only available on the uncensored VHS. The DVD is missing the Fancontest, and therefore the prize for each of both levels, being the music video for Stripped and the Rammstein Screensaver respectively, which were available on the original 1998 release.
  • The Remixes compilation by Rammstein was released on streaming services in 2020. The compilation includes all remixes and alternative versions off the regular CD singles until 2012 which are not already included on Raritäten (1994 - 2012), only omitting cover versions, single edits and Alter Mann (Special Version) from the respective tracklists.


  • In 1996 Rammstein performed in London, United Kingdom. It was the band's first TV performance. Rammstein played on MTV's "Hanging Out". They were not allowed to use any stage effects. The broadcast got interrupted during Du riechst so gut, because Till smashed a capsule with fake blood against his chest right before the third verse, leaving fake bloodstains on his chest, face and shoulders.