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The computer quiz was a bonus on the censored Live aus Berlin DVD.


It consisted of 140 different questions offering three options to answer within 15 seconds.

The quiz was divided into two levels:

  • Level-1: 8 out of 12 answers have to be correct
  • Level-1 Prize: Instructions how to play the hidden Stripped music video[1]
  • Level-2: 10 out of 12 answers have to be correct
  • Level-2 Prize: Link, username and password to download a screensaver[2]


001. How many singles are there on the RAMMSTEIN "Original Single Kollektion" released in Germany on 19 June 1998?

A: 5 singles
B: 6 singles
C: 7 singles

002. Who is pictured on the cover of the "Engel Fan-Edition"?

A: Richard
B: Paul
C: Till

003. Which song contains the lyrics "in meinem Himmel gibt es keinen Gott"?

A: Weißes Fleisch
B: Heirate mich
C: Bestrafe mich

004. What's the title of RAMMSTEIN's first single release in Germany?

A: Seemann
B: Engel
C: Du riechst so gut

005. What's the playing time of the two versions of "Engel"?

A: 8 min. 50 sec.
B: 9 min.
C: 9 min. 49 sec.

006. RAMMSTEIN covered a song by which band?

A: Nine Inch Nails
B: Kraftwerk
C: Ramones

007. For which band did RAMMSTEIN produce a remix?

A: Project Pitchfork
B: Korn
C: Kraftwerk

008. Which of the following songs is not by RAMMSTEIN?

A: Alter Mann
B: Kokain
C: Dich zu lieben

009. How many tracks are there on "Sehnsucht"?

A: 11 tracks
B: 12 tracks
C: 9 tracks

010. The last song on "Sehnsucht" is ...

A: Küss mich (Fellfrosch)
B: Kokain
C: Laichzeit

011. When was the demo version of "Wilder Wein" (released on the single "Engel Fan-Edition") recorded?

A: 1994
B: 1984
C: 1995

012. Which flower is pictured on the cover of "Herzeleid"?

A: Daisy
B: Gerbera
C: Narcissus

013. Where was the album "Sehnsucht" recorded?

A: Malta
B: the South of France
C: Stockholm

014. Which building can be seen in the background on the album cover of "Live aus Berlin"?

A: Tempelhof Airport
B: Bellevue Palace
C: the Olympic Stadium, Berlin

015. Which artist painted the picture on the cover of the single "Stripped"?

A: Herb Ritts
B: Helmut Newton
C: Gottfried Helnwein

016. Who wears a "wire muzzle" in the photos in the "Sehnsucht" booklet?

A: Schneider
B: Richard
C: Till

017. What's the "special" enclosure in the RAMMSTEIN single box?

A: a sticker
B: a tour poster
C: a poster from the band

018. Who's kneeling in sand on the cover of "Seemann"?

A: Oliver
B: Flake
C: Till

019. What's the second track on the single "Das Modell"?

A: Alter Mann
B: Kokain
C: Wintersturm

020. In which country was the "Herzeleid" album recorded?

A: Germany
B: the Netherlands
C: Sweden

021. The track "Feuerräder" is on which single?

A: Du riechst so gut
B: Das Modell
C: Engel Fan-Edition

022. On the cover of the single "Das Modell" you can see a ...

A: winter landscape
B: volcanic landscape
C: garbage dump

023. What's the name of the tribute album to which RAMMSTEIN contributed "Stripped"?

A: Question of the Time
B: For the Masses
C: Enjoy the Silence

024. The artist Gottfried Helnwein made a name for himself in the music scene by designing an album cover for which band?

A: Iron Maiden
C: The Scorpions

025. Where exactly in Berlin was RAMMSTEIN "Live aus Berlin" recorded?

A: Waldbühne
B: Parkbühne, Wuhlheide
C: the Olympic Stadium

026. In which year was the RAMMSTEIN "Live aus Berlin" concert recorded?

A: in 1997
B: in 1998
C: in 1999

027. How many CD-ROM tracks are there on the limited edition of "Live aus Berlin"?

A: 1 track
B: 2 tracks
C: 3 tracks

028. Which single contained a RAMMSTEIN computer game?

A: Seemann
B: Das Modell
C: Stripped

029. A pancake flipper projects out of whose mouth in the "Sehnsucht" booklet?

A: Paul's
B: Schneider's
C: Flake's

030. Which song is missing from the censored version of the concert film "Live aus Berlin"?

A: Weißes Fleisch
B: Bück dich
C: Heirate mich

031. What was the second single released in Germany from the album "Sehnsucht"?

A: Spiel mit mir
B: Klavier

032. When was the album "Sehnsucht" released?

A: 25 August 1997
B: 5 May 1995
C: 10 March 1901

033. At what position did "Sehnsucht" enter the German charts?

A: No. 40
B: No. 1
C: No. 25

034. What happened just prior to the release in Germany of the album "Sehnsucht"?

A: The master tape was lost
B: It went platinum in Germany
C: Flake became a father

035. What was "Sehnsucht" originally supposed to be called?

A: Herzeblut
B: Sehnsucht
C: Eifersucht

036. How many singles had RAMMSTEIN already released in Germany in June 1999?

A: 2 singles
B: 8 singles
C: 6 singles

037. Which breed of dog plays an important role in the first video "Du riechst so gut"?

A: German shepherd
B: Doberman
C: pit bull

038. Into which kind of animal do RAMMSTEIN transform themselves in the video "Du riechst so gut '98"?

A: birds of prey
B: brown bears
C: wolves

039. The "Engel" video is a homage to which film?

A: From Dusk Till Dawn
B: Lost Highway
C: Pulp Fiction

040. Who's the ship's figurehead in the video of "Seemann"?

A: Till Lindemann
B: Christoph Schneider
C: Is there a "Seemann" video?

041. What can you hear if you play "Der Meister" backwards?

A: Satanic verses
B: drudic chanting
C: sdrawkcabretsiemred

042. Who directed the "Engel" video?

A: David Lynch
B: Titty Twister
C: Philipp Stölzl

043. What explodes at the end of the "DU HAST" video?

A: a car
B: a house
C: Flake's head

044. What's the last line of "Du riechst so gut"?

A: ist nur eine schmale Brücke
B: ich geh dir hinterher
C: und Staub zu Staub

045. What's the first line of "Du riechst so gut"?

A: Der Wahnsinn
B: Du riechst so gut
C: Die Spur ist frisch

046. What's left stuck to the garter in "Bück dich"?

A: a glue stick
B: honey
C: Flake

047. What do angels have to cling to in the German text of "Engel"?

A: the stars (real tight)
B: St. Peter
C: the moon

048. When does Till return in the song "Asche zu Asche"?

A: in ten days
B: never
C: Does he come back?

049. What part of the "old man" do they break in the German text of "Alter Mann"?

A: his heart
B: his fingers
C: his spine

050. Who has tequila poured down his throat in the video "Engel"?

A: Flake
B: Paul
C: Oliver

051. Who sits behind the drums in the "Engel" video?

A: Schneider
B: Paul
C: Oliver

052. What has Schneider decided in favor of at the end of the video "DU HAST"?

A: his friends
B: his woman
C: death

053. Which RAMMSTEIN lyrics were inspired by Peter Greenaway's film "The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover"?

A: Weißes Fleisch
B: Laichzeit
C: Eifersucht

054. What color are the musicians' eyes in the "Du riechst so gut '98" video?

A: white
B: red
C: black

055. Why was the video for "Das Modell" never released?

A: the band's own reservations about its quality
B: government censorship
C: the record company's moral and reservations

056. The lyrics "Komm mach den Käfig auf und ich bin sternenreich" feature in which of the following songs?

A: Bück dich
B: Feuerräder
C: Herzeleid

057. The lyrics "Ich warte auf dich am Ende der Nacht" are taken from which of the following songs?

A: Wilder Wein
B: Feuerräder
C: Kokain

058. Where was the video for "Engel" shot?

A: Hamburg
B: Malta
C: Berlin

059. Where was the video for "DU HAST" shot?

A: Hamburg
B: Cologne
C: Berlin - Brandenburg

060. The lyrics "der Fisch braucht seine Einsamkeit" come from which of the following songs?

A: Weißes Fleisch
B: Seemann
C: Laichzeit

061. What "hides itself like an insect"?

A: an old man
B: a beast
C: hunger

062. The lyrics "tagsüber lauf' ich der Nacht hinterher" feature in which of the following songs?

A: Heirate mich
B: Tier
C: Wilder Wein

063. What's the first line of "Seemann"?

A: Komm in mein Boot
B: Jetzt stehst du da an der Laterne
C: So uferlos die kalte See

064. The lyrics "Stroh wird Gold / und Gold wird Stein" feature in which of the following songs?

A: Spiel mit mir
B: Engel
C: Bestrafe mich

065. Which figure from film history is closely connected with the "Stripped" video?

A: Werner Herzog
B: Leni Riefenstahl
C: Fritz Lang

066. Who composed the music heard during the credits of the concert film RAMMSTEIN "Live aus Berlin"?

A: Richard Wagner
B: Sergio Leone
C: Nicholas Lens

067. Which Swedish band did RAMMSTEIN support at the beginning of 1996?

A: Clawfinger
C: Glucifer

068. In which year did RAMMSTEIN play for the first time at the Bizarre Festival (Germany)?

A: in 1995
B: in 1996
C: in 1997

069. For which song on the "Sehnsucht" Tour '98/99 did Oliver, Paul and Richard don giant sombreros?

A: Alter Mann
B: Wilder Wein Note: Contrary to what the question implies, Wilder Wein wasn't performed in 1999.
C: Sehnsucht

070. What happens to Till's "bride" on stage at the end of the song "Heirate mich"?

A: She lands in the audience
B: She explodes
C: She disappears as if by magic

071. What was the name of the notorious RAMMSTEIN anniversary concert?

A: 1 Year of RAMMSTEIN
B: 100 Years of RAMMSTEIN
C: 1000 Years of RAMMSTEIN

072. Where did RAMMSTEIN play on 3 December 1995 and who did they support?

A: The Loft in Berlin |Clawfinger Note: this is wrong, Rammstein played a headline show and didn't support Clawfinger there, but they did at the show before.
B: Easy Schorre in Halle | Ramones
C: Nachtleben in Frankfurt am Main | Project Pitchfork

073. What was the name of the festival in New York at which RAMMSTEIN made their first appearance in the U.S.?

A: Pepsi Island Festival
C: "Family Values Tour" '98

074. How do RAMMSTEIN normally bid farewell to a live audience?

A: by saying "Tschüs"
B: with the words "Das war RAMMSTEIN"
C: with a bow

075. Which of the following bands has never been supported by RAMMSTEIN?

A: Ramones
C: Clawfinger

076. Which of the following songs wasn't included on the "Sehnsucht" Tour '98/'99?

A: Tier
B: Alter Mann
C: Du riechst so gut

077. With which band did RAMMSTEIN tour the U.S. in June 1999?

A: Skunk Anansie
B: Biohazard
C: Monster Magnet

078. What did Till wear at RAMMSTEIN's first U.S. appearance at the CMJ festival?

A: Bavarian lederhosen
B: swimming trunks
C: overalls

079. Which of these South American countries have RAMMSTEIN not yet toured?

A: Brazil
B: Argentina
C: Venezuela

080. With which cult band did RAMMSTEIN tour South America in 1999?

A: Sepultura
B: Kiss
C: Metallica

081. Who was RAMMSTEIN's "special" guest at Wuhlheide in Berlin?

A: Nina Hagen
B: Clawfinger

082. Which band didn't take part in the U.S. "Family Values Tour" '98?

A: Korn
B: Soulfly
C: Ice Cube

083. When was RAMMSTEIN's first tour as headliners in Germany?

A: December 1995
B: December 1996
C: June 1995

084. In which countries have RAMMSTEIN appeared as a support band for Clawfinger?

A: Belgium and Luxembourg
B: Austria and Switzerland
C: England and France

085. In which Spanish city did RAMMSTEIN appear on their European tour in November 1997?

A: Madrid
B: Barcelona
C: Malaga

086. What was the attendance per show at RAMMSTEIN's outdoor concerts in August 1998 at the Parkbühne, Wuhlheide in Berlin?

A: 16,000
B: 18,000
C: 17,000

087. What was the attendance at the Denver concert during the June 1999 U.S. tour (following the school tragedy in nearby Littleton)?

A: 8,000
B: 4,000
C: 1,500

088. What happened in Worcester on the U.S. tour in June 1999?

A: The police stormed on stage during the show and arrested RAMMSTEIN
B: Till and Flake were arrested after the show
C: The concert organizer switched off the power

089. What caused the trouble in Worcester during the June 1999 U.S. tour?

A: the "prick" in "Bück dich"
B: failure to get permission for the fireworks
C: the sound was too loud

090. In which city on the 1998 "Family Values Tour" was a concert broken off before the end?

A: New York
B: Washington Note: there was no concert in Washington on that tour. The show ending prematurely was held in Fairfax.
C: Salt Lake City

091. What tragic occurrence took place during the concert at the Arena Berlin in 1996?

A: A RAMMSTEIN fan had to be taken to hospital due to a heart attack during the show
B: One of the band pyrotechnicians was bearly blinded by an accidental explosion
C: A burning logo fell onto the stage and from there into the pit

092. With what was the RAMMSTEIN "Live aus Berlin" concert recorded?

A: Polar Studio
B: Wisseloord Studios
C: Eurosound Mobile 4

093. How many skytrackers were used at the RAMMSTEIN "Live aus Berlin" concert?

A: 2 skytrackers
B: 8 skytrackers
C: 12 skytrackers

094. Which of these delicacies is a must at a RAMMSTEIN breakfast?

A: spiced ground meat
B: brawn
C: tongue sausage

095. In which band did part of RAMMSTEIN use to play?

A: Phantoms of Future
B: Obscenity Trial
C: Feeling B

096. What's Flake's real first name?

A: Christian
B: Who's Flake?
C: Gunther

097. Which of these was Till Lindemann's former occupation?

A: carpenter
B: basketmaker
C: plasterer

098. Which instrument did Till Lindemann use to play?

A: guitar
B: bass
C: drums

099. Which instrument did Oliver Riedel use to play?

A: classical guitar
B: cello
C: violin

100. What is Richard Kruspe's favorite drink?

A: cola
B: tea
C: How should I know, I don't read teen magazines!

101. What's special about Paul's guitar playing?

A: Paul plays two Music Man Van Halen guitars; in his rack there is a Tech 21 PSA-1 preamp, from which he only uses one preset; he goes from the preamp to the mixer and into a Boogie Strategy 500 power amp and two Marshall 4X12" speakers
B: Paul loops the flancher through a Tech 21 PSA-1 preamp, using 80-100 presets depending on the song; it goes directly into the mixer, and the sound is amplified by two Boogie Strategy 1500 power amps and two Marshall 8X12" speakers
C: Huh?

102. Which title did Till Lindemann won for the former East Germany?

A: European champion in underwater basket-weaving
B: European youth runner up in swimming
C: Olympic bronze medal in wrestling

103. What's "Schneider"'s first name?

A: Tier
B: Alter Mann
C: Christoph

104. In which band did Richard Kruspe play before RAMMSTEIN?

A: Das Auge Gottes
B: Take That
C: Bananarama

105. Which city do RAMMSTEIN call home?

A: Berlin
B: Hamburg
C: Potsdam

106. Which district of Berlin do RAMMSTEIN call home?

A: Prenzlauer Berg
B: Central Berlin
C: Pankow

107. What's the main ingredient of the RAMMSTEIN cocktail "Laichzeit"?

A: vodka
B: sambuca
C: champagne

108. Who had a black hat as a long standing trademark?

A: Paul
B: Till
C: Richard

109. Which band member was trained in pyrotechnics?

A: Richard
B: Flake
C: Till

110. In which band did Oliver Riedel play before RAMMSTEIN?

A: Feeling B
B: Inchtabokatables
C: Specimen X

111. Who hates soccer and would rather be Spanish?

A: Paul
B: Olli
C: Flake

112. For which video did RAMMSTEIN receive the Echo (the biggest German music prize) for "Best Video" in 1998?

B: Engel
C: Du riechst so gut '98

113. Which song did RAMMSTEIN perform at the MTV Awards in Milan in 1998?

A: Engel
B: Sehnsucht

114. What happened on 23 May 1997?

A: the beginning of spring
B: a birthday party
C: "Engel" went gold in Germany

115. In which city was "Sehnsucht" awarded a gold disk?

A: Washington
B: New York
C: Los Angeles

116. In which category was RAMMSTEIN nominated for a Grammy in 1998?

A: Best Video
B: Best Songwriter
C: Best Metal Performance

117. In which city did the first Fan-Club live concert take place?

A: Cologne
B: Berlin
C: Hamburg

118. What was the name of the director of the first official RAMMSTEIN fan club?

A: Marion Schmidt
B: Simone Mernke
C: Martina Kubos

119. What's the address of the official RAMMSTEIN website?

A: www.ramm@stein
C: www.rammstein@homepage

120. What instruction was printed on one of the first fan T-shirts?

A: Bück dich
B: Heirate mich
C: Küss mich

121. What's the name of RAMMSTEIN's manager?

A: Jacob Hellner
B: Tim Renner
C: Emanuel Fialik

122. On which German label do RAMMSTEIN currently record?

A: Rough Trade
B: Pilgrim Records
C: Motor Music

123. Who's the head of RAMMSTEIN's German record company?

A: Emanuel Fialik
B: Tim Unschtruppy
C: Tim Renner

124. Which A & R manager discovered RAMMSTEIN for the USA?

A: Peter Koepke | London Records
B: Bob Biggs | Slash Records
C: Steve Gottlieb | TVT Records

125. Bobo, the singer whose voice is heard in the song "Engel", belonged to which band?

A: Bobo In White Wooden Houses
B: Bobo in the White House
C: Alaska

126. What does KMFDM mean?

A: KillMotherFuckingDepecheMode
B: KeinMitleidFürDieMehrheit Note: according to their own website the correct spelling (albeit ignoring German grammar rules) is Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid.
C: KeineMinderheitFürDieMehrheit

127. RAMMSTEIN's producer Jacob Hellner comes from ...

A: Norway
B: Sweden
C: Germany

128. Which cult band also recorded in Sweden's Polar Studio?

A: Rolling Stones
C: Ramones

129. Which of these films was not directed by David Lynch?

A: Twin Peaks
B: Wild at Heart
C: Leaving Las Vegas

130. Who plays the male lead in "Lost Highway"?

A: Bill Pullmann
B: Daniel Day-Lewis
C: John Travolta

131. Which RAMMSTEIN songs did David Lynch use in his film "Lost Highway"?

A: Heirate mich / Tier
B: Du riechst so gut / RAMMSTEIN
C: Heirate mich / RAMMSTEIN

132. What's the name of the film to which RAMMSTEIN contributed two songs?

A: Lost Highway
B: The Usual Suspects
C: Heat

133. When was "Lost Highway" released in Europe?

A: May 1998
B: December 1997
C: April 1997

134. Which German publication was sued by RAMMSTEIN for false representation?

A: Pop Rocky
B: Bild am Sonntag
C: Bravo

135. Which TV music station named one of its people "Burning Bernd" after a clash with RAMMSTEIN?

C: VH-1

136. Which German artist admits to being an adversary of RAMMSTEIN?

A: Heiner Lauterbach
B: Moses Pelham
C: Campino

137. What's the name of the new film by the French director Leos Carax ("Lovers On The Bridge") in which two members of RAMMSTEIN make brief appearances?

A: Die Brücke am Quai
B: The Matrix
C: Pola X

138. To which soundtrack compilation for a film with Keanu Reeves did RAMMSTEIN contribute a song?

A: Speed
B: Point Break
C: The Matrix

139. Who is the German actress on whose show RAMMSTEIN made one of their rare TV appearances?

A: Heike Makatsch
B: Veronika Ferres
C: Verona Feldbusch

140. What's the name of the artist who got into the German charts with a cover version of "Engel"?

A: Helge Schneider
B: Mambo Kurt
C: Campino



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