27.03.1996 (concert)

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27 March 1996
Performance of "Du riechst so gut"
Performance by Rammstein
Country: UK Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
City: London
TV Show: Hanging Out
Venue: MTV Performance Studio
Tour: Herzeleid Tour
Type: TV Performance
Price: Free
Songs: 2
Recordings: Video (professional, incomplete) x1
Touring chronology
3 March 1996 27 March 1996 2 May 1996


  • The first Rammstein performance in the UK and in London.
  • This performance was broadcasted on TV and the band was not allowed to use any stage effects. This resulted in the broadcast getting interrupted during Du riechst so gut, because Till smashed a capsule with fake blood against his chest right before the third verse, leaving fake bloodstains on his chest, face and shoulders.[1]




  • There is a full recording of the incomplete TV broadcast of this performance. Parts of the show's intro, as well as parts of Du riechst so gut are shown in Achtung Blitzkrieg!, a small video consisting of short cuts of several TV appearances, which is featured on Lichtspielhaus.