Das gemeine Reitbein (album)

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Das gemeine Reitbein is the only album by Magdalene Keibel Combo. It was initially released in 1988 and reissued in 1990.

Das gemeine Reitbein
Das gemeine Reitbein cover
Studio album by Magdalene Keibel Combo
Released: 1988, 1990
Genre: Punk
Label: Self released, DD Music Records (Re-Release)
Format: Cassette



NOTE: With the exception of "Tom Dooley", "Sak Sak Sak Sakrowski" and "Herzschrittmacher" there are no songs mentioned on the album cover. Also "Er hat's geschafft" and "Immer an der Wand lang" were released on CD. All other songs are officially untitled.

Standard album


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