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Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa is the first album by the German Democratic Republic punk band Feeling B. The album was released sometime in January 1990.

Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa
Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa cover
Studio album by Feeling B
Released: January 1990
Genre: Punk
Label: AMIGA
Length: 40:07 (1990)
56:25 (1992)
48:55 (2010)
Feeling B album chronology
Hea Hoa Hoa Hea Hea Hoa
Wir kriegen euch alle
French cover
1992 re-release
2010 re-release


  • This album was the first punk album to be released on the German Democratic Republic controlled label AMIGA.
  • The album was recorded in the Amiga studios in Berlin, Brunnenstraße.
  • The brass section was played by the Bolschewistische Kurkapelle Schwarz-Rot.
  • The album was re-released twice: in 1992 with five bonus tracks, and in 2010 with three bonus tracks. One from the following album "Wir kriegen euch alle", the other two are previously unreleased.
  • An earlier version of the album was called Wir wollen immer artig sein.


Release Country Label Type Comment Bonus content Cover Discogs
1989-XX-XX German Democratic Republic Flag of German Democratic Republic.svg AMIGA Vinyl Standard DiscogsLogo.png
1989-XX-XX German Democratic Republic Flag of German Democratic Republic.svg AMIGA Cassette Jewel case Standard DiscogsLogo.png
1991-01-XX Germany Flag of Germany.svg Zong CD Jewel case Standard DiscogsLogo.png
1991-03-XX France Flag of France.svg Division Nada CD Jewel case French Cover DiscogsLogo.png
1991-01-XX Germany Flag of Germany.svg Zong Vinyl Re-release on Zong Standard DiscogsLogo.png
1991-03-XX France Flag of France.svg Division Nada Vinyl French Cover DiscogsLogo.png
1992-XX-XX Germany Flag of Germany.svg P-Musik CD Jewel case Re-release on P-Musik 1992 re-release DiscogsLogo.png
2010-09-10 Germany Flag of Germany.svg Sechzehnzehn Musikproduktion CD Jewel case Re-release on Sechzehnzehn Musikproduktion 2010 re-release DiscogsLogo.png


The story of this album begins in Summer 1987. When Wolf-D. Fruck met the band and introduced them to the German Democratic Republic label AMIGA. Both sides agreed to the terms of a recording contract, and the first recordings were made. But it still took two years to solve every little problem. Flake was not present at the 1987 recordings, because he was in a hospital at the time and only took part via telephone. During the time it was usual to rent the AMIGA recording studio for four hours a day. But Wolf knew that the band wouldn't get anything done in four hours a day. So he talked to responsible people at AMIGA and got the studio for the whole time the band recorded the album. Many songs that were recorded during the session for this album, did not make it on the album, but were released later:

01. Graf Zahl (also found on "Wir wollen immer artig sein")
02. Dufte (fast version)
03. Frosch im Brunnen
04. Keine Zeit
05. Wieder keine Zeit

  • 2010: "Hea Hoa" re-release:

01. Unter dem Pflaster (Later re-recorded and released on "Wir kriegen euch alle")

Because the album was not liked much by people at AMIGA and many other problems the album was released in January 1990.


This information is taken from the 2010 re-release booklet:

Feeling B


  • Winfried Knoll - Drums
  • Christoph Zimmermann - Bass
  • Thomas Müller - Sampling, Bass
  • Peter Haas - Percussion
  • Members of "Bolschweistische Kurkapelle Schwarz-Rot"


On the 1992 re-release there are some misprints. The song "Kim Wilde" is mistakenly called "Kim Wild". And also the word "Zugabe" (which was for the bonus tracks) was mistakenly written "Zugabee" for the song "Der Klavierspieler".

Also on the 2010 re-release there is a mistake. It shows a running time of 03:28 for the song "Artig", which is only 02:28.


Standard album
  1. Artig - 02:28
  2. Kim Wilde - 02:53
  3. Mix mir einen Drink - 03:57
  4. Am Horizont - 03:34
  5. Frusti, mach's gut - 02:28
  6. Geh zurück in dein Buch - 03:56
  7. Lied von der unruhevollen Jugend - 04:17
  8. Ohne Bewußtsein - 03:15
  9. Alles ist so ununununheimlich - 03:00
  10. Du wirst den Gipfel nie erreichen - 04:02
  11. Tschaka - 03:02
  12. Ich weiß nicht, was soll es - 03:11
Bonus tracks

1992 re-issue:

  1. Du findest keine Ruh - 04:11
  2. Artig - 03:15
  3. Mix - 00:32
  4. Trance - 03:51
  5. Der Klavierspieler - 04:27

2010 re-issue:

  1. Alles ist so dufte - 02:30
    Previously unreleased. Recorded in 1987.
  2. Unter dem Pflaster- 02:42
    Previously unreleased. Recorded in 1989.
  3. Ich such die DDR - 03:22
    Taken from "Wir kriegen euch alle"