15.03.2020 (concert 2)

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15 March 2020
Performance by Lindemann
Show count: #27
Country: Russia Flag of Russia.svg #10
City: Moscow #3
Venue: VTB Arena – Dynamo Central Stadium #2
Tour: Lindemann Tour 2020 #19
Support: Jadu #16
Touring chronology
15 March 2020 15 March 2020 17 March 2020


  • The concert took place at 7 pm and was the second of two concerts that day.
  • Before Gummi, there was a 3 minute break where the whole band but Peter left the stage. After that, Till returned and announced in Russian that there are technical difficulties with the drums and asked the crowd to sing a Russian folk song Калинка (Kalinka). After 5 minutes, issues with the drums were fixed and the concert continued.
  • Gummi was said 9 times at the end of the song.

The Corona Outbreak

The majority of the tour was unaffected by the outbreak of the Corona virus. However, on 10 March 2020, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin banned all mass events of more than 5000 people for one month. This ban would affect the Lindemann concert in Moscow 15 March.

Russian tour organiser Volkov PRO issued a statement 10 March 2020 where they informed that they were working with the LINDEMANN band to find a solution that would allow them to carry out the planned concert, asking the ticket holders to remain calm.

An official statement was to be given the following day at 16:00. On overtime, Volkov PRO announced the following solution:

Volkov PRO and the LINDEMANN band found a solution: concerts will be held twice that day: at 15:00 and 19:00. All spectators who bought tickets will be able to attend one of the concerts. The number of spectators at each performance will be no more than the maximum permissible. For those who can attend the concert at 15:00, a free upgrade of the ticket category will be available.[1]