Sky van Hoff

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Sky van Hoff (* 1986) is a German music producer, song writer and musician.


With the age of 16 he went on his first European tour, signed by Century Media. With 17 he signed a deal with his band Machinemade God and Metal Blade Records. Their second album, "Masked", was produced and written all by himself.

When he was asked a lot to be a producer for a band, he founded his own studio in 2008. He produced bands like Kreator, The Sorrow, Caliban or Marc Terenzi.

Together with Stefanie Kloß (Silbermond), Marta Jandová (Die Happy) and Valentina he worked as a guitarist on the project "Mädchen checken das", which was created by the German Cancer Aid.

Connection with Emigrate

Sky produced the albums A Million Degrees and The Persistence of Memory and played bass on some songs.

Connection with Rammstein

He was credited for additional production and recording on Rammstein and Zeit and engineering the 2023 Mix of Spiel mit mir.

Connection with Till Lindemann

Van Hoff composed and recorded music for several Till Lindemann songs: