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Zeit (album)

From RammWiki
Album by Rammstein
Recorded:Studio La Fabrique,
France, 2020
Producer:Olsen Involtini
Released:29 April 2022
Format:CD, Cassette, Vinyl, Digital
Rammstein album chronology
  1. Zeit      10 March 2022
  2. Zick Zack      7 April 2022
  3. Dicke Titten      27 May 2022
  4. Angst      26 August 2022
  5. Adieu      25 November 2022
Alternative artwork:
Special Edition


The first information about the band being in the studio again, came from the official Facebook and Instagram profiles, where the band posted two different photos on 7 October 2020.[1][2]

The first mention of a new studio album came from Flake on 5 February 2021, when he was quoted in an interview with the label Motor:[3]

Dadurch, dass wir nicht live auftreten konnten, hat sich unsere Kreativität vergrößert. Wir hatten mehr Zeit uns neue Sachen auszudenken und weniger Ablenkung. Dadurch haben wir eine Platte aufgenommen, die wir so nicht geplant hatten. [...] Unsere Themen sind ja generell aus dem täglichen Erleben und aus dem Weltgeschehen und da passiert ja immer was. Unser Thema ist grundsätzlich die Beklopptheit der Menschen und die ist zu Corona Zeiten nicht viel anders als zu normalen Zeiten. Also Donald Trump war ja auch letztes Jahr sehr präsent, da konnte man auch viele Wesenszüge entnehmen und von den Leuten generell, wie sie sich verhalten haben im Lockdown. Also die Inspirationsquellen sind eigentlich immer da. Die meisten Sachen, mit denen man sich beschäftigt, finden am Ende ja sowieso im eigenen Kopf statt. Von außen kommen bloß so kleine Anstöße und da kommt auch genug durch, wenn die Straßen nur halb so voll sind.

By not being able to perform live, our creativity increased. We had more time to think of new things and less distractions. As a result, we recorded a record that we had not planned in this way. [...] Our themes are generally from daily life and world events and there is always something happening. Our topic is basically the craziness of the people and it is not much different in Corona times than in normal times. So Donald Trump was also very present last year, you could also take a lot of traits and from the people in general, how they behaved in the lockdown. So the sources of inspiration are actually always there. Most of the things you deal with take place in your own head in the end anyway. Only small impulses come from outside, and there's enough coming through when the streets are only half as full.

Another studio update followed on 31 March 2021, when Sven Helbig posted a photo on Instagram.[4]

The next update was given also by Sven Helbig. On 7 February 2022, the German newspaper "Säschische" released an interview with him, in which he said, that the album release date would be unknown, even to the band, because of the lack of paper.[5] On 8 March 2022, the album was announced.


On 8 March 2022, the premiere for the first video off the album, Zeit, was announced with a teaser on all social media platforms. Shortly after a story was shared with coordinates leading to Kesselhaus in Berlin, a venue where Rammstein has played back in 1994. Fans arriving on location were met with a promotional van and Universal Music employees sporting Zeit-themed merchandise, who handed out flyers.

Covers in the YouTube app

At the premiere link on YouTube, the app showed two pre-order links for the single and the album, both accompanied by their front cover artworks. At that point both releases still had no official announcement.

On 9 March, geotargeted posts were issued on their facebook page announcing a sneak peek for fans in Paris and London, both at 19:00 local time. The location in Paris was at Quartier de l'Horloge & Beaubourg, and The Black Heart for London. While fans in London were greeted with a similar promo event like in Berlin the day before, the attendees in Paris saw nothing.

The pre-order of the album started with the premiere of the music video for Zeit. However, the physical formats were discovered several hours early through one of the Amazon referral links. The tracklist wouldn't be known until 21 March, when it was discovered that the Centralamerican dependency of Universal Music had it on their online shop, before it got removed swiftly. To reveal the tracklist officially, Rammstein launched a scavenger hunt, which lead fans to 11 different locations around the world in order to find a "Zeit Capsule". Each finder of such would automatically win 2 tickets to a show of their choice, accomodation and travel to it as well as a signed special edition of the album. On 25 March at 15:00 CET, the first 7 locations were displayed as coordinates on their homepage. By entering a code taken from the actual capsule (a slightly customized ammunition box filled with sand, a signed album sleeve of the regular edition and a laminated pass) the title bound to the location it was found at would get revealed. The remaining 4 locations were revealed on 28 March at 14:00 CET.

Album cover

The album artwork was shot by Canadian musician/photographer Bryan Adams. It shows the Rammstein band members descending the stairs of the Trudelturm, located in Adlershof, Berlin, Germany. Built in 1934 for aviation research, the Trudelturm is a spin tower. It pioneered lab simulations of spins. Crucial for understanding spin dynamics, it aided in intercepting and regaining control of free-falling planes.

In an interview for the German Rolling Stone magazine, Adams revealed that he had to convince Till Lindemann to use the photo for the album cover. "When we were doing the cover, I said to Till Lindemann: "See that tower over there? That's your album cover!" He just said: "Hm, yeah, maybe". I got the band to walk around on it. I just thought: "Man, that's so good, I'd love to have that for my own album cover"." said Adams.[6]

Zeit Capsules scavenger hunt
Track Launch Coordinates Location Redeemed Title
01 25 March, 15:00 CET -33.886180 151.213960 Sydney Australia 25 March, 17:08 CET Armee der Tristen
02 25 March, 15:00 CET 50.061444 19.953500 Kraków Poland 25 March, 17:42 CET Zeit
03 25 March, 15:00 CET 52.131940 5.281780 Soest Netherlands 25 March, 17:33 CET Schwarz
04 28 March, 14:00 CET 51.500070 -1.005590 Reading United Kingdom 28 March, 16:20 CET Giftig
05 28 March, 14:00 CET 48.880940 2.386140 Paris France 28 March, 15:37 CET Zick Zack
06 28 March, 14:00 CET 19.416180 -99.172080 Mexico City Mexico 28 March, 21:47 CET OK
07 25 March, 15:00 CET 48.216121 16.432313 Vienna Austria 25 March, 18:25 CET Meine Tränen
08 25 March, 15:00 CET 52.299121 13.728958 Königs Wusterhausen Germany 25 March, 20:19 CET Angst
09 28 March, 14:00 CET 59.337690 18.115250 Stockholm Sweden 28 March, 14:25 CET Dicke Titten
10 25 March, 15:00 CET 34.069407 -119.011169 Malibu United States 28 March, 09:50 CET Lügen
11 25 March, 15:00 CET 60.159070 24.933620 Helsinki Finland 25 March, 17:08 CET Adieu
Advertisement for the pre-listening

From 11 April onwards, several cinemas around the world listed an exclusive pre-listening event of the whole album in Dolby Atmos for the evening of 28 April. The screening would include the premiere of a third music video, while the other eight songs would feature specially commissioned visuals. A week ahead of the event, on 21 April, the band announced it themselves, revealing the third music video in question to be for Angst and providing a list of all participating cinemas on their homepage.[7] A video teaser for the screenings was posted on 24 April, containing a snippet of Dicke Titten.[8]


CD / Digital
  1. Armee der Tristen - 03:25
  2. Zeit - 05:21
  3. Schwarz - 04:18
  4. Giftig - 03:08
  5. Zick Zack - 04:04
  6. OK - 04:03
  7. Meine Tränen - 03:57
  8. Angst - 03:44
  9. Dicke Titten - 03:38
  10. Lügen - 03:50
  11. Adieu - 04:38
  1. 1. Armee der Tristen - 03:25
    2. Zeit - 05:21
    3. Schwarz - 04:18
  2. 1. Giftig - 03:08
    2. Zick Zack - 04:04
    3. OK - 04:03
  3. 1. Meine Tränen - 03:57
    2. Angst - 03:44
    3. Dicke Titten - 03:38
  4. 1. Lügen - 03:50
    2. Adieu - 04:38
  1. 1. Armee der Tristen - 03:25
    2. Zeit - 05:21
    3. Schwarz - 04:18
    4. Giftig - 03:08
    5. Zick Zack - 04:04
    6. OK - 04:03
  2. 1. Meine Tränen - 03:57
    2. Angst - 03:44
    3. Dicke Titten - 03:38
    4. Lügen - 03:50
    5. Adieu - 04:38
Japanese translation
  1. 憂鬱の軍団
  2. 時間
  3. 毒女
  4. ジグザグ
  5. OK
  6. 俺の涙
  7. 不安
  8. 大きいおっぱい
  9. アデュー


Release Country Label Type Comment Bonus content Discogs
2022-04-29 Europe Universal Music Group CD Digipak
2022-04-29 Japan Universal Music Group CD Digipak
2022-04-29 Europe Universal Music Group CD A5 Digipak Special Edition Slipcase, 56 pages booklet
2022-04-29 Europe Universal Music Group Vinyl Gatefold
2022-04-29 Europe Universal Music Group Vinyl Gatefold Clear Vinyl
2022-04-29 Europe Universal Music Group Vinyl Gatefold Blue Marble Vinyl
2022-04-29 UK Spinefarm Records Cassette Black tape
2022-04-29 UK Spinefarm Records Cassette Clear tape