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Der Rhein (book)

From RammWiki

Der Rhein (full title: Der Rhein - Tiefe Wasser sind nicht still) is a book by Till Lindemann and Joey Kelly. It was released on 4 October 2024.


The book was first set to be released on either 18 October 2023 (according to Verlagshaus24) or 27 October 2023 (according to Weltbild). At first pre-orders showed two different titles for the book: One showed Der Rhein - Schicksalsstrom, while the other one used the now final title Der Rhein - Tiefe Wasser sind nicht still.

After the allegations arose in 2023, the release of the book was cancelled. Customers of Amazon were informed of that via email.

In 2024 pre-orders were made available again. Noticeable was the missing of the National Geographic logo, which was replaced by the new book publisher's logo: Frederking & Thaler. Along with the pre-order of Der Rhein, pre-orders of re-releases of the two previous books Yukon and Amazonas were also made available, set to be released on 27 September 2024.

During the different pre-orders, different websites showed different covers of the book artwork. In total there were four different covers shown. Two of those were still released with the National Geographic logo, the other two for the new pre-order by Frederking & Thaler.


After Yukon and Amazonas, now comes part 3 of the river trilogy by Till Lindemann and Joey Kelly: Mythos Rhein

Two men, two extremes, one river. Till Lindemann, lead singer of Rammstein, and Joey Kelly, member of the Kelly Family. What unites them is their passion for nature. After "Yukon" and "Amazonas", they are now exploring the Rhine, Germany's longest river and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explain in an interview what fascinates them about the river in the heart of Europe.

The Rhine meanders from the Alps to the North Sea through breathtaking landscapes and connects several countries and cultures. Historic cities such as Cologne, Mainz and Basel adorn the banks of the Rhine and tell their centuries-old stories.

  • With breathtaking landscape photographs by Thomas Stachelhaus
  • Exceptional, bibliophile design in exclusive landscape format
  • With poems by Till Lindemann and an interview
  • Gift illustrated book for photography enthusiasts, Rhine residents, fans of Rammstein or the Kelly Family