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Emigrate cover
Studio album by Emigrate
Released: 31 August 2007
29 January 2008 (United States)
2 February 2008 (AUS)
Recorded: Studio Engine SS, New York
Genre: Industrial
Label: Motor
Format: CD, digital
Length: 44:51 / 51:41
Producer: Richard Kruspe
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Emigrate album chronology
Silent So Long
Singles from Emigrate
  1. My World (2007)
  2. New York City (12 October 2007)
  3. Temptation (7 March 2008)
2020 vinyl release

Emigrate is the first album by Emigrate. It was released on 31 August 2007.


The following text was used to promote the album. It came as printed sheets in an Emigrate folder, along with the My World single:

There are certain words that music lovers are inclined to approach with caution: "drum" & "solo" are two of them, a juxtaposition that can often end in tears; "solo" & "album" are two more.

Actually, that's being overly harsh. There's nothing wrong with the solo album per SE; where it can go wrong, however, is when the artist decides to do something entirely out of character - to show a side of his/her personality that has long been chained in the attic; cue nose flutes, hand chimes, Gregorian chanting and more... ill-founded excursions sure to pop the balloon of even the most ardent of supporters.

Happily, the debut album from Emigrate - a project created by guitarist /songwriter Richard Kruspe, member of Germany's premier hard rock act, Rammstein - is unlikely to cause such consternation. Set to appear in late August/early 2007 September this self-titled 11-tracker is neither a "solo album" in the strictest sense nor a musical departure of long-haul proportions. "Wake Up", "Resolution", "My World" (the latter officially confirmed as lead track & video), these will all make perfect sense to those who have felt the heat of the parent group onstage or invested in one of their albums/DVDs (combined sales of which now stand at over 12 million worldwide).

What's more, all of the Emigrate tracks have been co-produced by Jacob Hellner & mixed by Stefan Glaumann, the Swedish pair who have lent their respective talents to the bulk of the Rammstein catalog. As well as providing a further link with the past, their presence here stems from Richards desire to pursue the Great Emigrate Adventure supported by a known 'n trusted team: important when your duties encompass song-writing, studio work (final production responsibility) and singing lead vocals (for the first time ever), as well as sourcing, then rehearsing the musicians involved...

Of course, Richard - who remains firmly entrenched within the Rammstein line-up - could have handled most, maybe all, of the playing side himself, but then the album would have felt essentially different; more one-off outing than introductory release from a genuine band. Who are: Amaud Giraux (bass), Henka Johansson (drums), Sascha Moser (Logic programs editor) and Olsen Involtini (guitar & vocal producer). Like-minded musicians from different lands, who have helped to turn Emigrate into the living, breathing set-up it is today.

Indeed, both lnvoltini & Giraux also pick up credits on the co-production side, and Richard is quick to praise the latter for his work recording the vocals, all of which are in English; this may not be a one-man, one-vote situation, with Richard calling the creative shots and even funding the project in its earliest days ("I'm not very good with democracy"), but "Emigrate" the album now stands as something special - an emotion-filled release that’s both focussed in execution & easy to enjoy. The kind that members of globally successful bands aren't generally prone to make...

"Well, that's probably because I hate solo albums!" laughs Richard, who - democratic debate aside - likes the positive energy of a working band. "Besides, for me, this is bigger than just a solo album. It's a new start..."

When mastering the tracks, with Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk in New York, Richard was (pleasantly) surprised at just how accessible it was all sounding, and there's no question that songs such as "Temptation" or "New York City", the second single/video, do pack a hefty commercial punch lurking beneath the surface, however, there's an altogether darker record, the kind you would expect from someone with a deep regard for the work of NIN's Trent Reznor & Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page; someone driven to create on a daily basis, almost as a means of keeping personal demons at bay.

"At one point, l was asking myself: 'does the world really need my record?' But the answer to that question soon became obvious: Richard needed, and needs, this record for the sake of his health. "I HAD to do it, simple as that!"



Before the album and even the promotional CDs were printed, there was a poll on the official Emigrate website. Fans were able to choose which song they wanted to hear in its entirety, after the release of "Wake Up". The fans voted for the song "Babe".

Unreleased songs

In 2006 the GEMA database listed several songs from the recording sessions to this album, that have not been released yet:

  1. Fear - 04:24
  2. Perfect World - 04:11
  3. This Is Not Your Story - 03:29



Standard album
  1. Emigrate - 04:07
  2. Wake Up - 03:33
  3. My World - 04:17
  4. Let Me Break - 03:35
  5. In My Tears - 04:34
  6. Babe - 04:28
  7. New York City - 03:40
  8. Resolution - 03:42
  9. Temptation - 04:13
  10. This Is What - 04:38
  11. You Can't Get Enough - 03:56
  1. 1. Emigrate - 04:07
    2. Wake Up - 03:33
    3. My World - 04:17
  2. 1. Let Me Break - 03:43
    2. In My Tears - 04:34
    3. Babe - 04:28
  3. 1. New York City - 03:40
    2. Resolution - 03:42
    3. Temptation - 04:13
  4. 1. This Is What - 04:38
    2. You Can't Get Enough - 03:56
    3. Blood - 03:34
    4. Help Me - 03:15
Bonus tracks

Special edition /
Australia exclusive stream:

  1. Blood - 03:34
  2. Help Me - 03:15


  1. Blood - 03:34
Promotional excerpt CD
  1. Emigrate (Excerpt) - 01:57
  2. Wake Up - 03:37
  3. My World (Excerpt) - 02:18
  4. Let Me Break (Excerpt) - 01:55
  5. In My Tears (Excerpt) - 01:56
  6. Babe - 04:37
  7. New York City (Excerpt) - 02:24
  8. Resolution (Excerpt) - 02:01
  9. Temptation (Excerpt) - 01:51
  10. This Is What (Excerpt) - 02:01
  11. You Can't Get Enough (Excerpt) - 02:13