Emigrate (album)

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Album by Emigrate
Recorded:Studio Engine SS, New York
Producer:Richard Kruspe
Released:31 August 2007
29 January 2008 (United States)
2 February 2008 (AUS)
Format:CD, digital
Length:44:51 / 51:41
Emigrate album chronology
Silent So Long
  1. My World      2007
  2. New York City      12 October 2007
  3. Temptation      7 March 2008
Alternative artwork:
2020 vinyl release

Emigrate is the first album by Emigrate. It was released on 31 August 2007.


The project that ultimately became Emigrate started way back in 2001. At first it was a collaboration between Till and Richard. After that configuration did not work out, Richard moved to New York and met Arnaud Giroux, who joined his band. Richard also recruited Henka Johansson (who he knew from the time when Rammstein and Clawfinger toured together), Olsen Involtini, who had already worked with Rammstein on their album Mutter, and Sascha Moser, who was the drummer for Richard's pre-Rammstein band, Orgasm Death Gimmick.

That line up then started to record the first Emigrate album. The album was recorded in Germany, the USA and Denmark. Vocals, guitars and bass were recorded at Studio Engine 55 in Berlin and New York, while the drums were recorded at Puk Studio in Gjerlav, Denmark. Richard did vocals and guitars, Arnaud played bass, Henka played the drums, Sascha did Logic and Pro Tools programming, and Olsen recorded additional guitars. The album was produced by Jacob Hellner.

Up to this point, 15 songs from the recording sessions have been released, with an additional six songs being known from the recordings. The actual number of songs recorded is unknown.

Other songs

With the 11 standard album tracks, there were a few b-sides that got released during the album cycle:

In addition to those, the GEMA database listed several songs from the recording sessions of this album, some of which were rerecorded and released on later albums or remain unreleased to this day:


Before the album was released, and even before the promotional CDs were manufactured, the band held a vote on their website. Fans were able to choose which song they wanted to hear in its entirety, after the release of Wake Up. The vote was won by Babe. After that a promotional snippet CD was released, which included both songs in full, but both songs were slightly different versions from the ones later released on the album.

With that CD a few promotional sheets were released that included an interview with Richard and his alter ego, Emigrate. The interview can be read here.


CD / Digital
  1. Emigrate - 04:07
  2. Wake Up - 03:33
  3. My World - 04:17
  4. Let Me Break - 03:35
  5. In My Tears - 04:34
  6. Babe - 04:28
  7. New York City - 03:40
  8. Resolution - 03:42
  9. Temptation - 04:13
  10. This Is What - 04:38
  11. You Can't Get Enough - 04:03
  1. 1. Emigrate - 04:07
    2. Wake Up - 03:33
    3. My World - 04:17
  2. 1. Let Me Break - 03:43
    2. In My Tears - 04:34
    3. Babe - 04:28
  3. 1. New York City - 03:40
    2. Resolution - 03:42
    3. Temptation - 04:13
  4. 1. This Is What - 04:38
    2. You Can't Get Enough - 03:56
    3. Blood - 03:34
    4. Help Me - 03:15
Bonus tracks

Special edition /
Australia exclusive stream:

  1. Blood - 03:34
  2. Help Me - 03:15


  1. Blood - 03:34
Promotional excerpt CD
  1. Emigrate (Excerpt) - 01:57
  2. Wake Up - 03:37
  3. My World (Excerpt) - 02:18
  4. Let Me Break (Excerpt) - 01:55
  5. In My Tears (Excerpt) - 01:56
  6. Babe - 04:37
  7. New York City (Excerpt) - 02:24
  8. Resolution (Excerpt) - 02:01
  9. Temptation (Excerpt) - 01:51
  10. This Is What (Excerpt) - 02:01
  11. You Can't Get Enough (Excerpt) - 02:13


Release Country Label Type Comment Bonus content Discogs
2007-XX-XX Germany Motor Music CD Cardsleeve Promotional CD Snippets with two full songs
Alternate cover
2007-XX-XX Germany Motor Music CD Jewelcase Promotional CD No cover
2007-08-31 Germany Motor Music CD Jewelcase
2007-08-31 Germany Motor Music CD Digipak 12. Blood - 03:34
13. Help Me - 03:15
2007-07-03 Japan Motor Music CD Jewelcase OBI strip
2020-10-23 Germany Emigrate Production GmbH Vinyl Gatefold Exclusive to Amazon Germany Handnumbered
Alternate cover



Music by Richard Z. Kruspe
Lyrics by Richard Z. Kruspe and Caron Bernstein

Produced by Richard Z. Kruspe
Co-Produced by Jacob Hellner, Olsen Involtini, Arnaud Giroux
Logic & Pro Tools programming by Sascha Moser
Guitars & vocals by Richard Z. Kruspe
Drums by Henka Johansson
Bass by Arnaud Giroux
Additional guitars by Olsen Involtini

Vocal recording & production by Olsen Involtini & Arnaud Giroux
Drum recording at Puk Studio, Gjerlav, Denmark
Drum engineering by Ulf Kruckenberg
Vocals, guitars, basses recorded at Studio Engine 55, New York / Berlin

Mixed by Stefan Glaumann at Toytown Studio, Stockholm
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk Corporation, New York

Backing vocals on Wake Up, My World, Babe, New York City, Temptation by Margaux Bossieux

Backing vocals on You Can't Get Enough by Grace Risch & Ruth Renner

Sleeve design by Büro Dirk Rudolph
Photography (Portraits) by Felix Broede
All other photos: Stock photography

Management: Emanuel Fialik & Pilgrim Management GmbH