I'm Still Alive (video)

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I'm Still Alive is the third music video off the album The Persistence of Memory by Emigrate.

I'm Still Alive
I'm Still Alive cover
Music video by Emigrate
Director: Richard Kruspe &
David Gesslbauer
Location: New York City, USA
Shoot: 2007
Premiere: 19 November 2021
16:00 (CET) [YouTube]
Length: 03:06
Video chronology
You Can't Run Away I'm Still Alive Always On My Mind


  • The video uses scenes from the unreleased video project Alter Ego, which was shot by Alexander Herzog in 2007.[1]
  • The video description states "In memory of Thomas Rothe", he can be seen in the 2007 shots of this video as well as promo pictures from that era.




  • Director: Richard Kruspe & David Gesslbauer
  • Director of Photography: Alexander Birzele, Alexander Herzog for New York Footage
  • Production Company: Emigrate Production GmbH
  • Editor: David Gesslbauer
  • Colorist: Alexander Birzele and David Gesslbauer
  • 1st AC: Jakob Guntermann
  • Gaffer: Thelonious Hartmann
  • Hair & Make Up: Patrycja Postek
  • Making of Photography: Tobias Ortmann



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