You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) (video)

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You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) is the video for the "You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic)" by Emigrate.

You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic)
You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) cover
Music video by Emigrate
Director: David Gesslbauer
Premiere: February 1, 2019
Length: 04:14
Video chronology
You Are So Beautiful You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic) War



The video shows Richard on a stage, playing the song. In front of him sits his daughter. The videos often cuts to Richard and his daughter dancing or him carrying her in his arms. His daughter has a white box with a pink ribbon on it. When she opens the box, the video ends without showing what was inside.


Universal held a competition to win the original box from the video, signed by Richard and including some special Emigrate merchandising.[1]




  • Director of Photography: David Gesslbauer
  • Camera: Pierre Castillo Bernad
  • Production: Emigrate Productions