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Übers Meer (single)

From RammWiki
Übers Meer
Single by Till Lindemann & Burak Yeter
Released:3 May 2024
Till Lindemann single chronology
Entre dos tierras (2023) Übers Meer (2024)

Übers Meer is a single by Till Lindemann. It was released digitally on 3 May 2024.


  • The release date, title and artwork of the single were revealed on 2 May 2024.
  • The single is titled Übers Meer (Radio Edit) on streaming services.
    • The DistroKid referral link revealed that it was initally named Übers Meer (Burak Yeter Remix).
  • The artist given on streaming services is "Till Lindemann Burak Yeter", which lead to the creation of a new artist on streaming services[1] and the single not showing as a release on the original artist pages, but as a single they're featured on.


Release Country Label Type Comment Bonus content Discogs
2024-05-03 Europe Digital


Standard single


  1. Übers Meer (Radio Edit) - 03:24
  2. Übers Meer (Extended Edit) - 04:46