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Zunge (album)

From RammWiki
Album by Till Lindemann
Released:3 November 2023 (Digital)
17 November 2023 (CD)
1 December 2023 (Vinyl)
Format:CD, Vinyl, Digital
  1. Ich hasse Kinder      1 June 2021
  2. Zunge      8 September 2023
  3. Nass      29 September 2023
  4. Schweiss      29 September 2023
  5. Lecker      29 September 2023
  6. Sport frei      27 October 2023
Alternative artworks:
Physical album cover

Blue tinted cover


  • In 2023, a finished Till Lindemann album was mentioned by Zeit Online and therefore publicly confirmed for the first time:[1]

The album has been finished for a long time, it has also been available to Universal Music for a long time, independent sources have confirmed this to ZEIT ONLINE. At least a hint of new Lindemann music can be found in the announcement of the solo tour planned for November and December.

  • Pre-orders for the album were made available in the official Rammstein Shop on 8 September 2023.
    • Pre-orders showed a black/white and a blue tinted version of the cover.
  • On 23 October, the image of the box packaging was updated in the RammsteinShop, now depicting a sticker mentioning to include a single titled Fleisch.
  • On 27 October, the release date of the physical editions was postponed to 17 November for both the CD and the Limited Fanbox, and to 1 December for the vinyl.
  • On 3 November, the Spotify profile advertised an official "Zunge" playlist, which included Ich hasse Kinder in between Tanzlehrerin and Nass.
  • The album was sold on the Tour 2023 from 10 November onwards.


  1. Zunge - 04:36
  2. Sport frei - 04:12
  3. Altes Fleisch - 04:25
  4. Übers Meer - 03:20
  5. Du hast kein Herz - 03:53
  6. Tanzlehrerin - 04:23
  7. Nass - 03:54
  8. Alles für die Kinder - 03:51
  9. Schweiss - 04:02
  10. Lecker - 03:32
  11. Selbst verliebt - 06:29 - incl. hidden track
  1. Zunge - 04:35
  2. Sport frei - 04:12
  3. Altes Fleisch - 04:24
  4. Übers Meer - 03:19
  5. Du hast kein Herz - 03:52
  6. Tanzlehrerin - 04:22
  7. Ich hasse Kinder - 03:53
  8. Nass - 03:53
  9. Alles für die Kinder - 03:50
  10. Schweiss - 04:01
  11. Lecker - 03:31
  12. Selbst verliebt - 06:28 - incl. hidden track
  1. 1. Zunge - 04:35
    2. Sport frei - 04:12
    3. Altes Fleisch - 04:24
  2. 1. Übers Meer - 03:19
    2. Du hast kein Herz - 03:52
    3. Tanzlehrerin - 04:22
  3. 1. Ich hasse Kinder - 03:53
    2. Nass - 03:53
    3. Alles für die Kinder - 03:50
  4. 1. Schweiss - 04:01
    2. Lecker - 03:31
    3. Selbst verliebt - 02:50


Release Country Label Type Bonus content Discogs
2023-11-03 Europe Self released Digital 24 bit 12.1 Hidden track
2023-11-10 Europe Self released CD Jewelcase 7. Ich hasse Kinder
12.1 Hidden track
2023-11-17 Europe Self released CD Digipak 7. Ich hasse Kinder
12.1 Hidden track
2023-11-17 Europe Self released CD Box Meat pillow
7. Ich hasse Kinder
12.1 Hidden track
2023-12-01 Europe Self released Vinyl 2x LP 7. Ich hasse Kinder


All lyrics written
by Till Lindemann

All vocals
by Till Lindemann

Altes Fleisch, Du hast kein Herz, Ich hasse Kinder, Schweiss, Sport frei, Tanzlehrerin
Music written by Sky van Hoff
Produced by Sky van Hoff
Engineered and mixed by Sky van Hoff
All instruments performed by Sky van Hoff

Altes Fleisch
Additional vocal editing: Marco Kollenz
Drum editing: Marco Bayati

Du hast kein Herz
Drum editing: Marco Bayati
Additional vocal editing: Marco Kollenz

Additional vocal editing: Marco Kollenz
Drum editing: Marco Bayati

Sport frei
Drum editing: Marco Bayati
Additional vocal editing: Marco Kollenz
Choir written by Sky van Hoff
Choir editing: Marco Bayati
Choir arranged and conducted by Martin Te Laak
Performed by parts of the Aachener Kammerchor at Dreieinigkeitskirche, Eschweiler, Germany
Choir recording engineered by Marco Kollenz
Group shouts: Gah Krämer, Llewellyn van Hoff, Marco Bayati, Stefan Scholz, Matze Schmitt, Manuel Simek, Colin Neurath, Patrick Dierks, Jan Ophuels, Ghøstkid, Marcel Caccamese, Oliver Blank

Alles für die Kinder
Music written by Clemens Wijers
Produced by Clemens Wijers
All instruments recorded by Clemens Wijers
Additional backing vocals by Clemens Wijers
Mixed by Olsen Involtini

Zunge, Nass, Selbstverliebt, Lecker
Music written by Daniel Karelly
Produced by Daniel Karelly
All instruments and additional backing vocals performed by Daniel Karelly
Mixed by Daniel Karelly

Additional chorus vocals by Daniel Karelly

Übers Meer
Produced by Louis Cass and Olsen Involtini
Programming and Keys by Louis Cass
Additional programming and Keys by Constantin Krieg
Mixed by Olsen Involtini

Ich hasse Kinder
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Universal Deutschland

All songs mastered by
Svante Forsbäck

Copyright Control

Birgit Fordyce, Stefan Mehnert

Till Lindemann Executive Assistant Jessica Eckensberger

Album Project Management Lisa Heins

Accountant Jan Schäfer

Management Assistant Diana Chowdhury

Artwork Art direction and designed by Rocket & Wink
Images by Den Zozulya
Concept by Gleb Davydov

Legal Consultants
Boris Schade and Sebastian Ott, Lichte Rechtsanwälte

Till Lindemann would like to thank
Anar Reiband, Anna Kott, Erik Kämpfer, Joern Heitmann, Philippe Koenig, Ruslana Port, Serghey Grey, Zoran Bihac, Joe Letz, Andreas Daermann, Kristoff Jansen and Etienne "Eddy" Kauertz