02.03.2020 (concert)

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2 March 2020
Limndemann-Peters-51 by Matthias Matthies.jpg
© Matthias Matthies
Performance by Lindemann
Show count: #21
Country: Russia Flag of Russia.svg #8
City: Saint Petersburg #2
Venue: Sibur Arena #1
Tour: Lindemann Tour 2020 #13
Support: Jadu
Aesthetic Perfection
Touring chronology
29 February 2020 2 March 2020 4 March 2020


  • Starting from this concert until the end of the tour, videos showing behind the back of the band during the following songs were censored: Skills In Pills, Ladyboy, Fat, Knebel, Cowboy, Golden Shower and Gummi. Mostly videos containing nudity were blurred, but some had additional alteration. Like during Skills In Pills, there was an added rotating image of a pill with Till and Peter's faces. During Cowboy, there was an added cowboy emoji during the machine scene. During Golden Shower, the video was mostly made out of changing images on a black or red background saying "CENCORED" and "XXX," and before the last chorus there was shown an image containing the word "КАНТ" ("cunt" written in cyrillic), "XXX," and an image of a beaver.
  • After Fish On, on the screen there was shown a recipe for baked fish.
  • During the end of Ach so gern Sebastian played the wrong beat, which got Till angry and smash his mic on the ground.