17.02.2020 (concert)

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17 February 2020
Performance by Lindemann
Show count: #15
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #5
City: Munich #1
Venue: Zenith #1
Tour: Lindemann Tour 2020 #7
Support: Jadu
Aesthetic Perfection
Price: 50€
Touring chronology
14 February 2020 17 February 2020 19 February 2020


  • Instead of the backstage threesome video, the end of the show was a screening of an excerpt of the video Till the End.


{{Setlist |Completion=full |Song 1=Skills in Pills |Song 2=Ladyboy |Song 3=Fat |Song 4=Frau & Mann |Song 5=Ich weiß es nicht |Song 6=Allesfresser |Song 7=Knebel |Song 8=Home Sweet Home |Song 9=Cowboy |Song 10=Golden Shower |Song 11=Blut

    • Reading Session
  1. Platz Eins
  2. Praise Abort
  3. Fish On
  4. Ach so gern (Pain Version)
  5. Steh auf
  6. Gummi