Freeze My Mind (song)

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Freeze My Mind
Song by Emigrate from the album The Persistence of Memory
GEMA database:9325170-001
Composer:Richard Kruspe
Lyricist:Richard Kruspe, Caron Bernstein
Recorded:Funkhaus Studio, Berlin (Drums)
Sky van Hoff Studios (Drums)
Studio Engine 55, Berlin (Vocals, Guitars, Basses)
Producer:Richard Kruspe
Sky van Hoff
Mixed:Sky van Hoff
Studio Engine 55, Berlin
Mastered:Jens Dreesen
Single:27 August 2021
Video:27 August 2021
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The Persistence of Memory tracklist
  1. Rage
  2. Always On My Mind
  3. Freeze My Mind
  4. I'm Still Alive
  5. Come Over
  6. You Can't Run Away
  7. Hypothetical
  8. Blood Stained Wedding
  9. I Will Let You Go

Freeze My Mind is the third song off the album The Persistence of Memory by Emigrate.


  • The song was written in 2001, and was the first song ever for Emigrate.[1][2]
  • It was recorded during the sessions for the first album Emigrate, but partly re-recorded and re-mixed for The Persistence of Memory.[3]
  • Richard said that when he wrote the song it was about him moving from Berlin to New York and the problems Rammstein had at the time, the attitude of "I'll show you" and New York as a source of inspiration.[4]
  • Richard said that the changes he made in the song were done in terms of arrangement. "According to the motto: The part is now a bit long, that's done differently today.".[4]
  • The song was found in the GEMA database back in 2006, along with the first line from the lyrics.
  • On 24 August 2021 a teaser for its music video was posted with the caption: Freeze My Mind out this Friday. 27/08/2021, revealing the release date.[5]
  • The drums on this song were played by Henka Johansson.



Title Release Length Released Notes
Freeze My Mind Freeze My Mind
The Persistence of Memory
03:19 27.08.2021
Freeze My Mind 03:35 GEMA Database
Demo version


Album version

Life here is vanishing
I blink and it's a new day
It all moves in such a blur
I think we're in the future

It seems like yesterday
Beam back to make a difference
Ice is chilling in my mind
Time has left me far behind
Come with me

Lost again
New dimension
Freeze my mind
Freeze my mind

My world is fantasy
You can't believe it's changing
Stuck in reality
My ride is slowly ending
It's for eternity
Revolves in constant motion

Lost again
New dimension
Take notes and
No pretention
Freeze my mind
Freeze my mind
Freeze my

Lost again
New dimension
Take notes and
No pretention
Freeze my mind
Freeze my mind (Lost again)
Freeze my mind (It's for eternity)
Freeze my mind (Lost again)
Freeze my mind (It's for eternity)