Freeze My Mind (video)

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Freeze My Mind is the first music video off the album The Persistence of Memory by Emigrate.

Freeze My Mind
Music video by Emigrate
Location:Black Box Music, Berlin, Germany
Director:Anuk Rhode
Premiere:27 August 2021 (16:00 CET) [YouTube]
Emigrate music video chronology
War Freeze My Mind You Can't Run Away


  • Richard is playing on ESP LTD Deluxe Phoenix-1000. [1]
  • Alice Lane, the bassist, is playing on ESP LTD Deluxe Phoenix-1004. [1]




  • Director: Anuk Rohde
  • Director of Photography: Pat Aldinger
  • Production Company: VERBWIDEWEB
  • Executive Producer: Dominik Braz Bittrich
  • Producer: Giulia Branse
  • Editor: David Gesslbauer
  • Colorist: Manuel Portschy
  • 1st AC: David Geiser
  • Gaffer: Jonathan Benetau
  • Spark: François Everwyn
  • Styling: Fabiana Vardaro
  • Styling Assistant: Filomena Ianniciello
  • Make Up: Leana Ardeleanu
  • Make Up Assistant: Caroline Raick
  • Hair: Kathrin Andress
  • Producer Assistant: Maxime Fleischer
  • Production Runner: Carl Taegert
  • Set Runner: Marius Wirth