Mein Herz brennt (Torsten Rasch album)

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Mein Herz brennt
Mein Herz brennt cover
Studio album by Torsten Rasch
Released: 2003
Genre: Orchestral
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
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German promo

Mein Herz brennt is an orchestral album by German composer Torsten Rasch; it was released in 2003 and features René Pape, Katharina Thalbach, John Carewe and Dresdner Sinfoniker.



DiscogsLogo.png The album was released initially in hybrid SACD format in a digipak; this was a German release.

DiscogsLogo.png A limited 2xLP version was released alongside the original SACD; also a German release.

DiscogsLogo.png The United States also got a standard CD. Germany later got a regular CD, too.


Standard single