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Song by Rammstein from the album Mutter
GEMA database:5236901-001
Studio Miraval, Correns
Producer:Jacob Hellner
Mixed:Stefan Glaumann
Toytown Studios, Stockholm
Mastered:Howie Weinberg
Masterdisk, New York City
Released:2 April 2001
Single:25 March 2002
Video:March 2002
Time signature:4/4
Key:E minor
Live debut:16 Apr 2000
Last performed:25 May 2012
Live count:141
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Mutter tracklist
  1. Mein Herz brennt
  2. Links 2-3-4
  3. Sonne
  4. Ich will
  5. Feuer frei!
  6. Mutter
  7. Spieluhr
  8. Zwitter
  9. Rein raus
  10. Adios
  11. Nebel

Mutter is the sixth song on the album Mutter by Rammstein.


  • A very early instrumental concept for the song, featuring an extended baby sample, was found on a self-made demo tape by Richard from 1994. Initially, this was thought by some to be a standalone song, but it was later confirmed that it did in fact evolve directly into Mutter.[1]
    • Oddly, parts of this demo version resemble the solo from We Are Together by Emigrate. Not much else is known about the track.
    • When a fan asked Richard about the song during a meet and greet on their Europe Stadium Tour 2019, Richard said that he wrote the song for a marriage.
  • The Vocoder Mix of the mix includes an extended orchestral bridge, which has later been used again for inclusion on the album for the vinyl remasters, which first appeared in 2015 as part of the XXI box set.
  • Richard: "(...) I wrote it years ago, but never wrote lyrics for it. Till wrote the lyrics about the relationship he has with his mother. It's strange because I actually have the same issues with my mother. When I was growing up, she pushed me away because she didn't like me much. The song is about dealing with your childhood as you grow up. It took me a long time to realize it, but my whole life has been affected by my relationship with my mother. It's taking a lot of time to sort things out, but I'm working on it."[2]
  • Till: "(...) The intro was written by Richard. I tried to put a stanza of lyrics there, but it didn't really work. The chorus, honestly, was born already in the studio. Everyone suggested something different, so it was a team effort. Originally the chorus was the second verse. But at some point we realized that there were too many words. In the end we just decided to do the chorus with the word Mutter."[3]
  • Richard admitted that it's his favorite song from the album.[2]
  • Schneider said that he doesn't always like hearing the song because it still often brings a tear to his eye and touches him a lot. He thinks this is still one of their strongest songs.[4]



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Mutter Mutter
Feuer frei! (UK CD2)
04:28 2000 2 Apr 2001
Mutter (Radio Edit) Mutter (single)
Feuer frei! (UK CD1)
03:40 2000 25.03.2002 Edited
Mutter (Vocoder Mix) Mutter (single) 04:32 2000 25.03.2002 Vocoder vocals
Mutter Made in Germany 04:28 2000 2 Dec 2011 2011 Remaster.
Mutter XXI 04:32 2000 4 Dec 2015 2015 Remaster.
6-Track Demo 1 05:48 1994 1994 Instrumental demo version
Full baby sample
Significantly different instrumentation


Title Release Type Length Recorded Released Notes
Mutter Rammstein: Paris Audio 05:20 6 Mar 2012
7 Mar 2012
Palais Omnisports, Paris 19 May 2017
Rammstein: Paris (Vinyl) Fades out due to vinyl separation.
Rammstein: Paris Video 05:23


Title Release Length Remixed by Released Notes
Mutter (Sono's Inkubator Mix) Mutter
Made in Germany
07:22 Sono 25.03.2002 Remastered on Made in Germany
Labeled as Remix by Sono on Made in Germany
Mutter (Zend Avesta Mix)[5] Zend Avesta Unreleased



Type Description First played Last played

Professional recordings

Date Type Location City Country Notes
6 Aug 2001 Video Escena Monterrey Mexico

Music Videos

Name Director Released Notes
Mutter Joern Heitmann March, 2002


Album version

Die Tränen greiser Kinderschar
Ich zieh sie auf ein weißes Haar
Werf in die Luft die nasse Kette
Und wünsch mir, dass ich eine Mutter hätte
Keine Sonne, die mir scheint
Keine Brust hat Milch geweint
In meiner Kehle steckt ein Schlauch
Hab keinen Nabel auf dem Bauch

Mutter, Mutter
Mutter, Mutter

Ich durfte keine Nippel lecken
Und keine Falte zum verstecken
Niemand gab mir einen Namen
Gezeugt in Hast und ohne Samen
Der Mutter, die mich nie geboren
Hab ich heute Nacht geschworen
Ich werd ihr eine Krankheit schenken
Und sie danach im Fluss versenken

Mutter, Mutter
Mutter, Mutter
Mutter, Mutter
Mutter, Mutter

In ihren Lungen wohnt ein Aal
Auf meiner Stirn ein Muttermal
Entferne es mit Messers Kuss
Auch wenn ich daran sterben muss

Mutter, Mutter, Mutter, Mutter

In ihren Lungen wohnt ein Aal
Auf meiner Stirn ein Muttermal
Entferne es mit Messers Kuss
Auch wenn verbluten muss

Mutter, oh gib mir Kraft
Mutter, Mutter
Oh gib mir Kraft
Mutter, Mutter
Oh gib mir Kraft
Mutter, Mutter
Oh gib mir Kraft

(Official Japanese translation by Makiko Shimada)

白髪の 子供達の群れの涙
濡れた鎖を 空に放り投げ
自分にも 母がいたら良かったのに と思う

俺に降り注ぐ 陽もなく
乳をくれた 乳房もない
首にはチューブを 入れられ
腹には 央もない

俺は 乳首をしゃぶる事も許されなかった
衣類の後に 隠れる事も許されなかった
名前も もらえず
種もないところに あわてて製造された

今育 的った
彼女を 病気にして
そのあと 河に沈めてやると


彼女の肺には うなぎが住み
俺の額の アザを
ナイフのロブづけで 取ってくれ
それで 死んでも構わない
失血死しても 構わない

母よ 力を与えてくれ



  • A detailed history and summary of the demo version of this song can be found here, composed of all that was known up to the upload date.


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