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Europe Stadium Tour 2019 is the first stadium tour in the career of Rammstein. It starts on May 27, 2019, and ends on August 23, 2019.


The tour was officially announced on November 2, 2018. During that week more and more posters, announcing concerts, were spotted in several cities all over Europe.

Pre-sale for the tour begins on November 8. LIFAD members get early access to tickets, starting on November 5.

For concerts in Germany, the tickets are personalized to the ticket owner. Only people who were printed on the ticket are allowed to enter the venue and see the show. If a fan couldn't make it to a show, he was able to seel it on the Eventim website FanSale, for the same amount of money. This way scalping is made impossible. Besides that, tickets for shows in other countries were not personalized.

LIFAD presale

Sold out LIFAD membership

The exclusive LIFAD presale began on November 5, 2018, and ended on November 7, 2018, both at 10 am local time. Members were able to buy a maximum of six tickets per show. Presale tickets were a limited contingent. During the time of the presale, the LIFAD membership was marked as "sold out" in the official online Rammstein shop.


Tour Dates

Date Venue City Country
2019-05-27 Veltins-Arena Gelsenkirchen Germany
2019-05-28 Veltins-Arena Gelsenkirchen Germany
2019-06-01 RCDE Stadium Barcelona Spain
2019-06-05 Stade de Suisse Bern Switzerland
2019-06-08 Olympiastadion Munich Germany
2019-06-09 Olympiastadion Munich Germany
2019-06-12 Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion Dresden Germany
2019-06-13 Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion Dresden Germany
2019-06-16 Ostseestadion Rostock Germany
2019-06-19 Telia Parken Copenhagen Denmark
2019-06-22 Olympiastadion Berlin Germany
2019-06-25 De Kuip Rotterdam Netherlands
2019-06-28 Paris La Défense Arena Paris France
2019-06-29 Paris La Défense Arena Paris France
2019-07-02 HDI Arena Hanover Germany
2019-07-06 Stadium MK Milton Keynes UK
2019-07-10 Stade Roi Baudouin Brussels Belgium
2019-07-13 Commerzbank-Arena Frankfurt am Main Germany
2019-07-16 Eden Aréna Prague Czech Republic
2019-07-17 Eden Aréna Prague Czech Republic
2019-07-20 Roeser Festival Grounds Luxembourg Luxembourg
2019-07-24 Stadion Śląski Chorzów Poland
2019-07-29 VTB Arena - Central Dynamo Stadium Moscow Russia
2019-08-02 Saint-Petersburg-Stadium Saint Petersburg Russia
2019-08-06 Lucavsala Riga Latvia
2019-08-10 Ratina Stadion Tampere Finland
2019-08-14 Stockholm Stadion Stockholm Sweden
2019-08-18 Ullevaal Stadion Oslo Norway
2019-08-22 Ernst-Happel-Stadion Vienna Austria
2019-08-23 Ernst-Happel-Stadion Vienna Austria