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Beginning from 9 May 2021 until 5 June 2021, there was a quiz in the official LIFAD community, held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album Mutter.


1st prize
Original Platinum Award MUTTER (from Till)

2nd prize
Original Tour Poster (Berlin, Velodrom May 18 + 19, 2001) + € 25 voucher for the Rammstein Shop

3rd prize
Rammstein TShirt of your choice from the Rammstein Shop worth up to 25 €

Questions & Solutions

Question 01: When and where did the pre-production for the album MUTTER take place? We ask for the period (from-to, months and year) as well as the name of the location and place. (2 Points)
Solution: September till December (09-12) 1999, Haus Weimar, Heiligendamm

Question 02: In which studio (name and location) was the album MUTTER recorded? (2 Points)
Solution: Studio Miraval, Correns

Question 03: Who (first name, surname) was initially intended to be the mixer for MUTTER, but was replaced by Stefan Glaumann because the band was not really happy with the mix? (1 Point)
Solution: Ronald Prent

Question 04: Give the name of the orchestra that contributed to the album MUTTER. (1 Point)
Solution: Filmorchester Babelsberg

Question 05: Who (full name) sings the refrain “Hoppe, hoppe Reiter” on the song Spieluhr? (1 Point)
Solution: Khira Li Lindemann

Question 06: Which song from the album MUTTER is behind the working title Klitschko? (1 Point)
Solution: Sonne

Question 07: Who sings the background vocals on the song Nebel? In addition to the artist name, also include the real name. (2 Points)
Solution: Bobo, Christiane Hebold

Question 08: Which artist couple (full names) did the Cover for the MUTTER album and what is the name of the photo series that inspired Rammstein to work with them? (2 Points)
Solution: Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Conserving

Question 09: How many singles were released from the album MUTTER? Name the number, title and date of publication (DD / MM / YYYY) and list them in ascending order. (3 Points)
Solution: Six singles
Sonne, 12.02.2001
Links 2-3-4, 14.05.2001
Ich will, 10.09.2001
Mutter, 25.03.2002
Feuer frei!, 14.10.2002
Mein Herz brennt, 07.12.2012

Question 10: When was Sonne played live for the first time? Name the exact date (DD / MM / YYYY), the place and the location. (2 Points)
Solution: 18.01.2001 Auckland, Powerstation

Question 11: Which band supported the Mutter-Tour in Germany and what are the names of the band members? (ascending order by surname) (2 Points)
Solution: Clawfinger
Johansson, Henka
Ottem, Erlend
Skaug, Andre
Skog, Jocke
Tell, Zak
Torstensen, Bard

Question 12: In the animated Rammstein video Links 2-3-4, ants re-enact a soccer game. In order to move the ants in such a way that a game / play is represented, three remedies (ingredients, smells) were used. Which ingredients is it? (3 Points)
Solution: Sugar water, clove juice, ammonia

Question 13: The church, in which Rammstein is performing at the beginning of the film xXx - Triple X, is in which city and belongs to which complex / area? (2 Points)
Solution 1: Prag, Klosterareal Emauzy / Prague, monastery area Emauzy
Solution 2: Výsluní, Region Chomutov
We accept 2 solutions because the city in the film and the city, where Feuer frei! was shoot, are different.

Question 14: When (DD / MM / YYYY) and where (city, locations) was the video shooting for Ich will? (2 Points)
Solution: 09.08.2001 Berlin, former State Council building of the GDR, Am Schlosspark and Berlin Kreuzberg, Martin Gropius Bau

Question 15: Which of the following actresses are involved in music videos from the MUTTER era? Arrange the names in alphabetical order (by first name) and add the title of the music video. (1 point per actress and correct video)
Anna von Rüden
Astrid Meyerfeldt
Catalina Lavric
Cecil Dütsch
Jacqueline Back
Joulia Stepanova
Keylani Lei
Luciana Regina
Maya Müller
Melanie Gaydos
Victoria Bojarskaja

Solution: Anna von Rüden, Mein Herz brennt
Joulia Stepanova, Sonne
Melanie Gaydos, Mein Herz brennt
Victoria Bojarskaja, Mein Herz brennt

Question 16:

Who is this man and what has he to do with Rammstein? (2 Points)
Solution: Rob Cohen, Director of the film xXx - Triple X, in which Rammstein performed Feuer frei! at the beginning.

Question 17: The cover for the single Feuer frei! is from which artist and where is he from? (2 Points)
Solution: Robert Longo, New York

Question 18: Which song on the Mutter Tour did Paul play on a 1 string plasma guitar? And what is the name of the manufacturer? (2 Points)
Solution: Zwitter, Sandberg

Question 19: Intro Spieluhr: At which location on the premises of the recording studio did Till speak the Intro to Spieluhr (Ein kleiner Mensch stirbt...)? (1 Point)
Solution: Small chapel in the vineyards of Miraval / village chapel in Miraval

Question 20: Original and Fake
Find the mistakes in this picture. Name the number and where they are. Do not upload a photo with the mistakes you found. Only in written!