Feuer frei! (song)

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Feuer frei!
Song by Rammstein from the album Mutter
GEMA database ID: 5236900-001
ISWC: T-800.574.958-7
Working title(s): Bang Bang
Composer(s): Rammstein
Lyricist(s): Rammstein
Recorded: 2000
Studio Miraval, Correns Flag of France.svg
Producer(s): Jacob Hellner
Mixed: Stefan Glaumann
Toytown Studios, Stockholm Flag of Sweden.svg
Mastered: Howie Weinberg
Masterdisk, New York City Flag of the United States.svg
Released: 2 April 2001
Single: 14 October 2002
Video: September 2002
Length: 03:11
Time signature: 4/4
Tempo: 190
Key: G minor
Live debut: 16 April 2000
Last played: 2 January 2019
Stream / Buy: ITunes 12.2 logo.png Spotify logo without text.svg Deezer.png
Mutter tracklist
  1. Mein Herz brennt
  2. Links 2-3-4
  3. Sonne
  4. Ich will
  5. Feuer frei!
  6. Mutter
  7. Spieluhr
  8. Zwitter
  9. Rein raus
  10. Adios
  11. Nebel

Feuer frei! is the fifth song on the album Mutter by Rammstein.


  • Rammstein can be seen performing the full song in the movie xXx Triple X.
  • Swedish power metal band Sabaton covered the song in 2012 for their album Carolus Rex.



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Feuer frei! Mutter
Feuer frei!
03:11 2000 2 Apr 2001
Feuer frei! XXI 03:11 2000 4 Dec 2015 Remastered
Feuer frei! 03:08 2000 GEMA database
Demo version
Different lyrics


Title Release Type Length Recorded Released
Feuer frei! Völkerball Video 3 Feb 2005
4 Feb 2005
5 Feb 2005
Carling Academy Brixton, London Flag of the United Kingdom.svg 28 Oct 2005
Feuer frei! Völkerball Audio 03:32 23 Jul 2005 Festival de Nîmes, Nîmes Flag of France.svg 17 Nov 2006
Feuer frei! Völkerball Video
Feuer frei! In Amerika Video 9 Dec 2010
11 Dec 2010
Bell Centre, Montreal Flag of Canada.svg
Madison Square Garden, New York City Flag of the United States.svg
25 Sep 2015
Feuer frei! Rammstein: Paris Audio 03:34 6 Mar 2012
7 Mar 2012
Palais Omnisports, Paris Flag of France.svg 19 May 2017
Feuer frei! Rammstein: Paris Video


Title Release Length Remixed by Released Notes
Feuer frei! (Rammstein vs. Junkie XL Remix) Feuer frei!
Made in Germany
04:10 Junkie XL 14 Oct 2002 Remastered on Made in Germany
Labeled as Remix by Junkie XL on Made in Germany
Feuer frei! (Rammstein Remix 130) Feuer frei! 03:44 Rammstein 14 Oct 2002
Feuer frei! (Rammstein Remix 95) Feuer frei! 03:34 Rammstein 14 Oct 2002


Live performance

Mutter Tour

The song would start off with a siren synth, followed by Schneider drumming. Shortly afterwards, Till would start singing the first verse. After the line "Ein heißer Schrei, Feuer frei!", two small explosions would go off at the center of the stage. Till would often hunch over while yelling "bang, bang", as well as headbang after this. While yelling the "bang, bang" after the second verse, multiple flames would shoot out from behind Schneider. After Till sang the second chorus, Flake would start playing very high-pitched, distorted notes, causing Till to either act annoyed or put his hands on his head. After the third verse, Till would leave the stage while the others continued playing instrumentally, with the main instrument being the keyboard.

Till would return wearing a flamethrower mask to sing the last chorus. When he turned a valve attached to his body, the mask would shoot flames in the air. Flames would also shoot from behind Schneider again for every "bang, bang". After singing the chorus, everyone would stop playing and Till would leave the stage again. Schneider would grab different drumsticks and hold them out in front of him, aimed upwards. Each top would produce a big explosion, with a last "bang, bang" synth matching the explosions. Richard and Paul also yelled "bang, bang" alongside Till for the entire song. The line "Dein Glück, ist nicht mein Glück, ist mein Unglück" would be absent.

From July 2001 onwards, Flake would be outfitted with another mask during the performance of the song. His mask would be able to squirt a liquid, rather than fire. While Flake played the loud notes on his keyboard, sparks would fly out the top of his station twice. At the end of the song, Till would no longer shoot flames in the air, rather, he would now aim towards Flake. Flake, in return, would spray liquid towards Till, as well as towards the audience. Flames would no longer shoot out behind Schneider.

The next changes to song's performance would happen around September/October. Explosions would no longer go off at the beginning of the song. Also, on 11 October, Flake's station also did not produce any sparks while playing the loud notes, rather, his station would now start producing sparks twice after the first time Till shot flames at Flake. On 23 October, Till went over to Flake's station while he was playing the loud notes, and made it look like he hit it twice. After every hit, sparks would fly from the station.

In November, explosions at the start of the song would be present again. There would no longer be two small explosions at the front of the stage, but instead one very big explosion at the lighting rig. Paul and Richard would now be outfitted with flamethrower masks as well for the duration of the song. Near the end, Flake and Till would shoot at each other, while Paul and Richard shot upwards towards the center of the stage from their spots. Till hitting Flake's station and Schneider's exploding drumsticks would still be present. The song was performed in this manner for the remainder of 2001.

In 2002, most of the previous effects would still be the same as before. The exception being that Flake is no longer outfitted with his own mask. At the end of the song, Till would shoot fire at him, and he would try and ignore it the first few times. Afterwards, Flake would pick up a fire extinguisher and shoot it towards Till.

Reise, Reise Tour

The song's performance would be mostly the same, with some key exceptions. Till would often grab his crotch whilst singing the second verse. He would no longer go and hit Flake's station, and it would no longer produce sparks. Instead, Till now heads over to Flake and knocks him down. Till, Paul, and Richard now all shoot their flames at one specific point in the air and Flake is no longer involved with this part. The three would also keep their flame in the air until Schneider made his drumsticks explode, before going backstage.

Liebe ist für alle da Tour

Till would now routinely slap his face while singing the line "Ich werf ein Licht in mein Gesicht". Schneider would no longer use the exploding drumsticks at the end of the song, instead, two explosions went off at the back of the stage. On 19 May 2011, Till swung a microphone stand against the stage wall after the first verse, causing a small explosion.

Made in Germany Tour

The performance remained the same as on the previous tour during the first two years. 2013 would see some changes done to the performance again. The explosion after the first verse was changed again. Two smaller explosions would go off at the sides of the stage now. Till would also knock Flake down once again. Another stunt that was added has Till walking towards his microphone whilst singing the second verse. After he sang the line "Von Feuer, das in Lust verbrennt", he would headbutt his microphone, sometimes leading to an open wound that would be visible for the remainder of the show.

2016/2017 Tour

The performance remained the same as on the previous tour.


Type Description First played Last played

Professional recordings

Date Type Location City Country Notes
14 Jul 2001 Video Big Field Day Festival Gilford United States Flag of the United States.svg
4 Aug 2001 Video Pabellón Este, Palacio de los Deportes Mexico City Mexico Flag of Mexico.svg
13 Nov 2001 Video Spodek Katowice Poland Flag of Poland.svg
1 Nov 2004 Video Maimarkthalle Mannheim Germany Flag of Germany.svg
10 Jun 2005 Video Hurricane Festival Scheeßel Germany Flag of Germany.svg
6 Jun 2010 Video Rock am Ring Nürburg Germany Flag of Germany.svg
19 May 2011 Video Jimmy Kimmel Live! Los Angeles United States Flag of the United States.svg
16 Jun 2013 Video Download Festival Donington United Kingdom United Kingdom}}
17 Jul 2016 Video FEQ Quebec City Canada Flag of Canada.svg

Music Videos

Name Director Released Notes
Feuer frei! Robert Cohen September, 2002


Album version

Getadelt wird, wer Schmerzen kennt
Vom Feuer, dass die Haut verbrennt
Ich werf ein Licht in mein Gesicht
Ein heißer Schrei, Feuer frei!

Bang bang, bang bang

Geadelt ist, wer Schmerzen kennt
Von Feuer, das in Lust verbrennt
Ein Funkenstoß in ihren Schoß
Ein heißer Schrei, Feuer frei!

Bang bang, bang bang
Feuer frei!
Bang bang, bang bang
Feuer frei!

Gefährlich ist, wer Schmerzen kennt
Von Feuer, das den Geist verbrennt (Bang bang)
Gefährlich, das gebrannte Kind
Mit Feuer, das vom Leben trennt
Ein heißer Schrei (Bang bang), Feuer frei!

Dein Glück, ist nicht mein Glück, ist mein Unglück
Dein Glück, ist nicht mein Glück, ist mein Unglück

Bang bang, bang bang
Feuer frei!
Bang bang, bang bang
Feuer frei!
Bang bang, bang bang
Feuer frei!

撃て! (Official Japanese translation by Makiko Shimada)

身を焦がす 炎の痛みを知るものは

情欲の 炎の痛みを知るものは

精神を燃やす 炎の痛みを知るもの
光は 危険な人物なり
焼かれた子は 危険なり