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NSL (video)

From RammWiki

NSL is a music video by Till Lindemann. It was released on 29 September 2023.

Music video by Till Lindemann
Shoot:August 2021 - January 2022
Location:Domodedovo Airport, Domodedovo
Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Bannaya Estate, Moscow
Director:Serghey Grey
Premiere:29 September 2023 (17:00 CET) [YouTube]
Till Lindemann music video chronology
Zunge NSL Sport frei


  • The video was shot in three different locations within six months. The scenes in the desert were shot in Uzbekistan in August 2021. The scenes at the airport were shot at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, around the end of October 2021. And the scenes in the bathhouse were shot in January 2022, in the Bannaya Estate, Terem No. 1 "Tsarsky".
  • Starting on 24 September 2023, three teasers were published via Instagram and Facebook stories. All featured a link to the official linktree, the first two teasers said soon, while the third one showed 29.09. - 17:00 CET.



  • Director: Serghey Grey
  • Producers: Till Lindemann, Anar Reiband
  • Director of Photography: Denis Panov
  • Written by: Till Lindemann, Anar Reiband, Serghey Grey
  • Edit: Serghey Grey
  • Assistant to Director: Vladislav Mis
  • Camera: Sergey Starostin, Mikhail Stroitelev
  • Focus Puller: Artur Ayvazyan
  • Steadicam and Trinity: Stanislav Vaganov
  • Drone: Igor Volkov, Ulugbek Bahriev
  • Gaffer: Igor Shelepov
  • Lights: Sergey Nagornov, Maxim Kozel’cev, Andrey Polejaev, Alexey Osipov
  • VFX/CG: Andrey Smirnov, Sergey Roman’ko, Maxim Fomin
  • Special Effects: Boris Minasov
  • Props: Andrey Koreshkov, Sergey Strashkov, Aivar Yakubov, Antsiferov Kirill
  • Color Correction: Maxim Mironov
  • Set Design: Tatiana Melnikova, Arsenii Lepeshko
  • Hair and Make-Up: Alex Blinov Studio
  • Styling: Suzanna Bars
  • Casting: Alena Makeeva
  • Animals Chief Trainer: Lestat Malanin
  • Bear Trainer: Pavel Vyakin
  • Snake and Crocodile Trainer: George Morozov
  • Location Manager: Dmitrii Ostrovskii
  • Catering: Tatiana Skachkova
  • Closing Titles Cinematographer: Alexandr Lapikov
  • Sound Design: Daniel Karelly, Serghey Grey
  • Closing Credits Score composed and played by: Clemens Wijers
  • Special Thanks: Mikhail Korepin, Alexander Kozyrev, Jessica Eckensberger, Danny Uhlmann