07.05.1994 (concert)

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7 May 1994
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #4
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #4
City: Tegau #1
Venue: LPG Speisesaal #1
Attendance: 150[1]
Tour: Club Tour #4
Support: BG13 #1
Price: 15 DM
Songs: 1 known
Touring chronology
6 May 1994 7 May 1994 14 May 1994


  • There were some problems with the power during the concert. The electricity failed quite a lot[2], even lasting for about 5-15 minutes.[3]
  • The earliest known time Rammstein was performed live.


The complete setlist is unknown.

Note: song guessed from the existing photos.




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    "Je 15 DM hatten die 150 Gäste damals für den Eintritt zu zahlen."
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    "The electricity constantly failed! Only Christoph could be heard."
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    "After a few songs suddenly, power failure. The hall was pitch-dark, with a few lighters going to check if everything's alright. After about a minute of darkness and increasing unrest in the audience the only one still audible, the drummer, begins to play with the kick drum. He continues to play in the pitch-dark hall and makes better and better beats. That's going on about 5-15 minutes, the people are dancing, then the light comes back, and the other instruments followed. The feeling was like being live at the rehearsal room."