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Herzeleid Tour

From RammWiki
Herzeleid Tour
Tour by Rammstein
Supporting release:Herzeleid
Tour legs:9 (8 completed, 1 cancelled)
Number of shows:140 (113 completed, 27 cancelled)
8 August 1995 - 14 December 1996
Rammstein tour chronology
Club Tour
(1994 - 1995)
Herzeleid Tour
(1995 - 1996)
Sehnsucht Tour
(1997 - 2001)
Rammstein ca. September 1995
Promotional photoshoot

The Herzeleid Tour was the first actual concert tour by Rammstein. It is named after the band's debut album, Herzeleid, which was released on 25 September 1995. The tour had an uncertain number of concerts, so far 113 played shows are known (109 without the label showcases, TV performances and special shows), the first one being on 8 August 1995 in Berlin and the last on 14 December 1996 in Bonn. Tickets to the concerts cost between 15 and 38 DM for headline shows and between 22 and 89 DM for festivals.

Subtours, tour legs and special performances

Promotional flyer for December 1995 concerts
Promotional flyer for January - March 1996 headline concerts
Dates Subtour / Tour leg / Type
08.08.199501.09.1995 Headline shows & festivals Herzeleid Tour 1995
08.09.1995 Special show
13.10.1995 Headline show
14.10.199531.10.1995 Project Pitchfork "αΩ" Tour
03.11.1995, 04.11.1995 Headline shows
27.11.1995, 29.11.1995 Clawfinger Tour
02.12.199522.12.1995 December leg
19.01.199622.01.1996 Clawfinger Tour Herzeleid Tour 1996
23.01.199630.01.1996 Ramones "¡Adios Amigos!" Tour
25.01.199603.03.1996 Winter leg
27.03.1996 TV performance
26.04.199613.06.1996 Spring leg
02.05.1996 Label Showcases
08.06.199618.08.1996 Festival leg
29.06.1996 Special show
17.08.1996 Headline show
27.09.1996 "100 Jahre Rammstein" concert
29.09.199612.10.1996 Autumn leg
14.12.1996 Headline show


Notable concerts


The setlist changed a lot over the years and there is not much information about the Herzeleid tour setlists overall, so there is no definite average setlist, but it would usually stay the same for several consecutive concerts. During the tour, apart from the songs released on Herzeleid, each of the following appeared on the band's setlists at least once:

Most of these songs received significant changes throughout the years since their earliest known live performances.

Clawfinger Tour 1995

Herzeleid Tour 1995: December leg

(based on 16.12.1995)

Ramones "¡Adios Amigos!" Tour

(based on 29.01.1996)

Herzeleid Tour 1996: Winter leg

(based on 27.02.1996 and 02.03.1996)

Herzeleid Tour 1996: Spring leg

(based on 10.06.1996 and 12.06.1996)

Herzeleid Tour 1996: Festival leg

(based on 14.06.1996, 06.07.1996 and 19.07.1996)

Herzeleid Tour 1996: Autumn leg

(based on 05.10.1996, 10.10.1996 and 11.10.1996)

Stage, band apparel, live effects and stunts


List of professional live recordings

Date Location / TV Show City Country Type Completeness Sound Status Notes
29 Nov 1995 Stodoła Warsaw Poland Video Incomplete Soundboard Public
16 Feb 1996 Kulturzentrum Stern Riesa Germany Video Incomplete Studio Public
27 Mar 1996 Hanging Out London United Kingdom Video Incomplete Soundboard Public
19 Jul 1996 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Jamboree Biesenthal Germany Video Incomplete Soundboard Public Recorded for release on a VHS tape.
18 Aug 1996 Bizarre Festival Cologne Germany Video Complete Soundboard Public
27 Sep 1996 Arena Berlin Berlin Germany Video Complete Soundboard Public Recorded for release on a VHS tape.


Live photos




Newspaper articles