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Tour Dates

  • White Background - sourced from newspapers, flyers, tickets, any printed stuff that was produced at the time = absolute confirmation.
  • Yellow Background - human source = memories can be wrong, due to the human factor.
  • Red Background - sourced from old fansites = no confirmation.
Date Venue / Festival City Country
1994-03-24 naTo Leipzig Germany
1994-04-23 Kulturhaus Lobenstein Germany
1994-05-01 Steinbrücken Open Air Nordhausen Germany
1994-05-06 Anker Leipzig Germany
1994-05-07 LPG Speisesaal Tegau Germany
1994-05-14 Goldener Ring Annaburg Germany
1994-05-23 Rocknächte an der B2 Open Air Potsdam Germany
1994-05-28 bc+BD Open Air Ilmenau Germany
1994-05/06-xx Zum Reußischen Hof Görkwitz Germany
1994-06-04 Knaack Club Berlin Germany
1994-06-17 Lindenpark Potsdam Germany
1994-06-18 Gößnitz Open Air Gößnitz Germany
1994-07-02 Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin Germany
1994-07-30 Knaack Club Berlin Germany
1994-08-xx Festival Goßmar Germany
1994-08-26 Lindenpark Potsdam Germany
1994-08-27 M.A.U. Club Rostock Germany
1994-08-28 Loft Berlin Germany
1994-08/09-xx Zum Reußischen Hof Görkwitz Germany
1994-09-29 Easy Schorre Halle Germany

1994-12-02 Anker Leipzig Germany
1994-12-03 Bergschlößchen Schlettwein Pößneck Germany
1994-12-04 Der Alte Berlin Germany
1994-12-09 Logo Hamburg Germany
1994-12-14 Volksbühne Berlin Germany
1994-12-16 Waschhaus Potsdam Germany
1994-12-31 Klubhaus der Jugend Saalfeld Germany
1995-01-06 JFZ Liveclub Neuruppin Germany
1995-01-07 MS Stubnitz Rostock Germany
1995-01-08 Pumpe Rostock Germany
1995-01-14 Tivoli Freiberg Germany

1995-05-26 Open Air Saalfeld Germany
1995-05-27 Anker Leipzig Germany

Questionable Dates

Date Venue / Festival City Country
1994-04-xx Kulturbrauerei Berlin Germany
1994 Summer unknown Cottbus Germany
1994 Summer unknown Dresden Germany
1994 Summer unknown open air festival Potsdam Germany
1994-08-xx Bergschlößchen Schlettwein Pößneck Germany
1994-xx-xx Gasthof Lüttewitz Döbeln Germany
1994-xx-xx Klubhaus Freiberg Germany
1995-xx-xx Wald und Wiesen Festival Trockenborn Germany
1995-xx-xx Open Air Naundorf (Starkenberg) Germany
199x-xx-xx unknown Nauendorf Germany
199x-xx-xx Offenes Jugendhaus Riesa Germany
199x-xx-xx Schloss Nickern Dresden Germany
199x-xx-xx Kulturhaus Merkers Dorndorf Germany
199x-xx-xx KW70 Bad Salzungen Germany
199x-xx-xx Eimer Berlin Germany