Rosenrot (single)

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Rosenrot cover
Single by Rammstein
Released: December 16, 2005
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Universal
Format: Digipak
Price: 6.99€[1]
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein single chronology
Te Quiero Puta!
Other cover
Mexican promo

Rosenrot is the 2nd single off the album Rosenrot by Rammstein. It was released on December 16, 2005.



The single came only as a CD. The CD was released as a jewel case, digipack and a card sleeve for the Benelux countries. The jewel case and the card sleeve both had the same track listing of two songs, while the digipack included four songs. Promotional releases came only in a card sleeve. The 1-track single had the normal single cover, while the Mexican 2-track single featured a completely different cover, and also included "Te Quiero Puta!" as a second song.


The remixes for this single were contributed by Chris Vrenna (ex-Nine Inch Nails), Norhtern Lite and Jagz Kooner.


Standard single
  1. Rosenrot (Single Edit) - 03:48
  2. Rosenrot (The Tweaker Remix) - 04:34
  3. Rosenrot (Northern Lite Remix) - 04:46
  4. Rosenrot (3am at Cosey Remix) - 04:50

2-track single:

  1. Rosenrot (Single Edit) - 03:48
  2. Rosenrot (Northern Lite Remix) - 04:45
Promotional single

1-track single:

  1. Rosenrot (Single Edit) - 03:48

2-track single:

  1. Rosenrot - 03:55
  2. Te Quiero Puta! - 03:56