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Rosenrot is the fifth album by Rammstein. It was released on 28 October 2005.

Rosenrot cover
Studio album by Rammstein
Released: 28 October 2005
Recorded: El Cortijo Studio, Spain
Teldex Studio, Germany
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte
Label: Universal
Format: Digipak
Length: 48:08
Price: 17.00€[1] - 22.00€[2]
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Stream / Buy: Spotify
Discogs: DiscogsLogo.png
Rammstein album chronology
Reise, Reise
Liebe ist
für alle da

Singles from Rosenrot
  1. Benzin (7 October 2005)
  2. Rosenrot (16 December 2005)
  3. Te Quiero Puta! (2005)
  4. Mann gegen Mann (3 March 2006)


At first, the album was to be called Reise, Reise Vol. 2, but that changed quickly to Rosenrot. Another possible title was Reise, weiter, Reise.[3]

Six of eleven songs were already recorded and finalized during the sessions for the previous album Reise, Reise, these were:

  1. Rosenrot [4][5][6][7][8]
  2. Wo bist du [9][10][11][7][8]
  3. Zerstören [7][8]
  4. Hilf mir [4][6][7][8]
  5. Feuer und Wasser [4][7][8]
  6. Ein Lied [8]

Four demo songs that come from the Reise, Reise recording sessions were reworked and re-recorded, thus resulting in three new songs:

  1. StudentBenzin [12]
  2. Spring Jungle & Spring weiterSpring [12]
  3. Ich binTe Quiero Puta! [12][13]

Another old demo song called Schwuhla that comes from the Mutter recording sessions was reworked, re-recorded and released as Mann gegen Mann.[8]
The song Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't Die Before I Do) seems to be a brand new track, or at least there is yet no valid evidence to suggest otherwise.



The cover was already used for the Japanese version of the previous album Reise, Reise. It was designed by Plantage. The cover was lightly changed to fit the new album. A rope at the right and some people under it were added and the logo was replaced by the writing "//Rosenrot".

The cover shows the icebreaker USS Atka. The photo was taken on 13 March 1960, at McMurdo Station, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.

The Thailand digipak has the band name embossed on the cover, while the German version is debossed.


The booklet shows a lyric for the song "Mann gegen Mann" written incorrectly. Originally it has to be written "Mann gegen Mann", but the booklet shows "Mann gaygen Mann". That is because "gegen" and "gaygen" can be pronounced the same in German, though "gaygen" is a mixture of English and German and is, therefore, no correct German word.


The album was released in three different formats: CD, CD+DVD, and MC. The CD came in a digipak, as well as the CD+DVD version. In Argentina and eastern Europe, the album was released in a jewel case. Some countries received an MC release. The album was also released on 2x 12" vinyl in the box XXI in 2015. On 8 December 2017, the album was released as a vinyl stand-alone release. Both vinyl releases are remastered.


  • The listening session took place in Paris. Many journalists were invited. After handing over all their bags they were only allowed to bring paper and pencil. During a ride with a London-bus, they were able to listen to the album, which came in a sealed portable CD player. After a sightseeing tour, they were driven to a boat, where the band waited to answer questions. A video of this can be found on our YouTube channel.


Standard album
  1. Benzin - 03:47
  2. Mann gegen Mann - 03:50
  3. Rosenrot - 03:54
  4. Spring - 05:24
  5. Wo bist du - 03:55
  6. Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't Die Before I Do) - 04:05
  7. Zerstören - 05:28
  8. Hilf mir - 04:43
  9. Te Quiero Puta! - 03:55
  10. Feuer und Wasser - 05:17
  11. Ein Lied - 03:43
Bonus DVD
  1. Reise, Reise (Live, 23.07.2005) - 05:10
  2. Mein Teil (Live, 03.06.2005) - 05:27
  3. Sonne (Live, 03.02.2005, 04.02.2005, 05.02.2005) - 04:30
Japanese translation
  1. ガソリン
  2. 男対男
  3. 赤いバラ
  4. 跳び込め
  5. おまえはどこにいる
  6. 俺より先に逝くな
  7. 破壊してやる
  8. 助けて
  9. 愛してるぜ、ねえちゃん
  10. 炎と水


Ruhe Sanft
Ruhe Sanft cover
Type: Bedsheets
Released: 2008
Origin: Rammstein shop
Other: Also sold in a bundle with the Keine Lust bed linen.


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