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August 1994
Concert by Rammstein
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30 Jul 1994 August 1994 15 Aug 1994
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  • The festival was held from 12 to 14 August and organised by "Highway 96"[1], which is led by Lutz Neumann, member of the band Shawue.[2][3]
  • After the band played, a lot of things on the stage were broken. After getting their fee reduced to pay for the damage, Till and Richard nearly started a fight with Lutz.[3]


The setlist is completely unknown.


  • Since there are two places called Goßmar in Germany, it is to be assumed that the show happened in the one near Heideblick and Luckau.[4][5] However, Goßmar has been a part of Heideblick since 2001.[6]


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    I have organized small festivals at the time (between 1500 and 2500 visitors). For the festival in Goßmar (near Luckau in Brandenburg), I booked the band in August 1994 even though they've just founded. [..] After their appearance, so much had been broken onstage, that we had to interrupt the festival at first. I had to pull the cost of the caused damage off their promised fee, which almost lead to a fight between Lindemann, Kruspe and me.
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