Big Day Out 1999

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  • This tour was cancelled.[1]
Date Location City Country
15 Jan 1999 Big Day Out Auckland New Zealand
17 Jan 1999 Big Day Out Gold Coast Australia
23 Jan 1999 Big Day Out Sydney Australia
26 Jan 1999 Big Day Out Melbourne Australia
29 Jan 1999 Big Day Out Adelaide Australia
31 Jan 1999 Big Day Out Perth Australia


  1. Announcement from the official Big Day Out website: "BIG DAY OUT organisors regretfully announce that incendiary German outfit RAMMSTEIN have had to cancel their appearance at the 1999 event series due to illness. RAMMSTEIN drummer Christoph Schneider has seriously perforated his ear drum which has resulted in the band cancelling all shows in their immediate touring itinerary, including scheduled performances in Germany, Japan and the BIG DAY OUT. Sadly, Christophs injury means no flying, no music and no explosions for well into the year. The BIG DAY OUT organisors, RAMMSTEIN and their management are profoundly disappointed by this unexpected turn of events and hope that they will make it down to Australia as early as possible. Luckily a few fabulous Australian bands have been able to jump to attention and take on the task." Retrieved 22 January 2019