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Du riechst so gut (video)

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Du riechst so gut is the first music video off the debut album Herzeleid by Rammstein.

Du riechst so gut
Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Du riechst so gut
Shoot:August 1995
Director:Emanuel Fialik
Premiere:25 May 1998
Rammstein music video chronology
Du riechst so gut Seemann



In this music video the whole band can be seen with their naked torsos. Till is singing the song. The video sometimes cuts to a dog walking through or a flower.

Video facts

  • This is the first ever music video by Rammstein.
  • The band didn't have the budget for a proper director, nor a video, so they decided to make it themselves with Emanuel Fialik, who was their manager back then.[1]
  • Richard said that Fialik's favorite video that inspired the "Du riechst so gut" clip was Sinéad O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U", in which you could always see faces.[1]
  • Till said that it was hard to make the video, not only because it was something completely new for them, but also because they had to get accustomed to not laughing at the others and remaining serious.[1]
  • Till revealed that the two mutts on the set wouldn't do what they were meant to.[1]
  • Till said that the video shoot, in reality, was more fun and didn't have the sterness it was supposed to. "My knees used to tremble. It was a bit strange, everything."[1]
  • Schneider stated "We wanted to be masculine and appear aggresive and hard."[1]
  • Till also stated "Sport was a big thing in East Germany. It's had it's own aesthethic, it's own movement. It always looked good. So we only made use of those attributes, which we had practically used when we were on stage: bare chests, braces, second-hand black suit bottoms. And at times, it all displayed a kind of gym-shirt appeal. We've tried to incorporate this in the video. Of course, we had to rub oil on our bodies, that always looked good. The flower thing? I think, that was just someone's idea, to give this relatively Teutonic, warlike appearance some contrast."[1]
  • Where the "Schlitzbrille" glasses used in the video and live performances came from: "That was in the mid 90s. A time of awakening, this spirit of optimism. Things were happening all over stuff like, designer stores, clothes shops in trendy parts of Berlin. I drove past this optician's store every day, no one was ever inside.I bought these glasses there. They were incredibly expensive. They are either motorbike glasses or pilot glasses from WW2, where water is repelled via this slits. It was just one method of helping me to stop buying sunshades. I used to have 20 sunshades on top of each other. Aluminum with a leather strap and somehow it fit." - Till[1]
  • Where the famous "Till-hammer" headbanging featured in the video came from: "Whilst making the first album and afterwards during the tour, I had several knee operations. It began with a meniscus injury I once picked up from swimming and I had extremely sprained cruciate ligaments. At some concerts, if I stood the wrong way, I never thought of twisting my leg, I just used to whack it, to knock it back onto my kneecap again. Three or four whacks and it was back in place again. Paul always said: "Do it more often, it looks great". From then on, it just grew into a habit." - Till[1]
  • Back in the day, the band had no idea if the video would be screened or not. Richard said he wasn't sure if it was ever played anywhere. "Then we just said: Now we'll make a big story. Then Du riechst so gut Part 2 came out."[1]
    • The video was in fact never shown on TV and was first distributed to journalists by Motor Music on promotional VHS tapes. It had its first proper public release on the single Du riechst so gut '98.
  • How the video was received: "We showed the video to friends and acquaintances we had in our circle, also those people who had worked with us. All said the video sucked. Some were slightly more diplomatic and just said: OK, it's different and is... Well... But I certainly can't remember any gushing enthusiasm." - Schneider[1]


Music video

Release Length Released Resolution Notes
Du riechst so gut (Promo VHS) 04:22 1995 720 x 576 Slightly different cuts
Includes info graphic
Du riechst so gut '98 04:03 27 April 1998 320 x 240 Enhanced CD part
"Low quality" version
384 x 288 Enhanced CD part
"High quality" version
Lichtspielhaus 04:01 1 December 2003 768 x 576 Slightly cut intro
Made in Germany 04:03 2 December 2011 1,024 x 576 Black borders left and right
Videos 1995-2012 (DVD) 04:04 14 December 2012 1,024 x 576 Black borders left and right
Videos 1995-2012 (BD) 1,920 x 1,080 Black borders left and right
Upscaled to HD

Making of

Release Length Released Resolution Notes
Made in Germany 09:22 2 December 2011 1,024 x 576
Videos 1995-2012 (DVD) 09:21 14 December 2012 768 x 576
Videos 1995-2012 (BD) 09:12 1,920 x 1,080


  • Director: Emanuel Fialik
  • Director of Photography: Frank Griebe
  • Editor: Mathilde Bonnefoy
  • Producers: Steffen Gentis, Christian Bagusch for Tracks Film