Zick Zack (video)

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Zick Zack is the second music video off the album Zeit by Rammstein.

Zick Zack
Music video by Rammstein
Supporting release:Zick Zack
Shoot:15 - 20 December 2021 (Tworki)
early 2022 (Teatr Sabat)
Location:Sabat Theatre, Warsaw, Poland
Tworki Hospital, Tworki, Poland
Director:Joern Heitmann
Premiere:7 April 2022 (18:00 CET) [YouTube]
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Zeit Zick Zack Angst



On 1 April 2022 a social media post was issued[1] with the following caption:

We are very happy to reveal a well-kept secret today and announce our early-stage investment in a cutting-edge company: The Zick Zack Beauty Clinic in Berlin!

Rammstein are super excited this project is finally going live. “Prettier, bigger, harder" - become the best version of yourself!

Appointments will be available soon!

The image used was an altered stockphoto, yet included a still from the actual music video on the second screen from the left.

Social media post on 1 April

After 3 minutes the post was deleted again, yet media spread the news and provided some more background information:

A source close to the band reveals that the band had been looking for “business opportunities” during the pandemic. The source continued: “The world-famous German band, Rammstein, has invested in a newly-founded beauty clinic in Berlin’s central Mitte district. The brand-new clinic is renowned for treatments like microblading, lashlifting, removers, botox and fillers. Bigger and more invasive surgery is not an issue at the hands of Prof. Dr. Klarerschnitt and his team – fresh from their experience in Tegernsee (Bavaria) – in their state-of-the-art operating theatre.”[2]

On 3 April 2022 at 10:00 CET, the microsite zeit.rammstein.de was redesigned into the Zick Zack Beauty Klinik page. It showed photos of each band member, looking like they've had multiple plastic surgeries done. At first, only Till and Olli were revealed, followed by Richard and Paul at 12:00 CET and Schneider and Flake at 17:00 CET. The phone number +49 30 24 77 99 99 was advertised. When called, the menu would welcome you with the following speech:

  • Menu: Welcome to the Zick Zack Klinik. Dial 1 to make an appointment. Dial 2 to hear more about Zick Zack. Dial 3 to speak to our customer service.
    • 1 Appointment: Zick Zack will premiere on April 7th at 6pm CET on Rammstein.com. Die Premiere von Zick Zack findet am 7. April um 18 Uhr auf Rammstein.com statt.
    • 2: an instrumental snippet would play
    • 3 Customer service: one out of three random vocal snippets would play.
      • Messer, Tupfer, Vollnarkose, Sieben Kilo Reiterhose und Bauchfett in die Biotonne, der Penis sieht jetzt wieder Sonne
      • Wir entfernen rasch zwei Rippen, Schlauchboot basteln aus den Lippen
      • Falten rascheln am Skalpell, Vorhaut weg, sehr aktuell

Video facts

  • Teatr Sabat was found on the internet and Rammstein fell in love with it. The band's representative (a producer from Katapult production who worked in Warsaw and spoke Polish) came to Poland on purpose to watch the show with the dancers and the theatre itself since he remembered it from his working days in Poland. The producer judged the theatre beautiful and said that it was the thing they were looking for, but he had to come with the director who would have the final say. A week later, Joern Heitmann came who also saw a show in the theatre.[3][4][5]
  • Initially, the theatre director Małogrzata Potocka thought, that the band would only hire the building, but Heitmann said: "your beautiful dancers have to be in the video, they have to accompany the band in the video."[3]
  • After Heitmann's visit, Potocka chose 8 dancers for the video from 14 present at the show.[5]
  • Potocka was asked if she would design the costumes as well, but the band chose the blue costumes for the dancers from 200 the theatre offered.[4]
  • The sapphire feathers in which the dancers performed in the video, Potocka created for the performance "Gwiazda" ("Star") about a Polish singer Violetta Villas.[3]
  • Potocka did the dancers' choreography, but she said that its creation was done in a unbelievable way, she had to count because the music was a secrecy, she and her dancers didn't get to hear the song beforehand, they were just informed what rhythm and tempo it had.[4]
  • Shooting in Teatr Sabat took place in early 2022 for three days. Rammstein's crew did everything possible to keep their presence in Poland out of the public eye. No one could enter the theatre and the whole block was fenced.[3]
  • Theatre director Małgorzata Potocka said that the shooting was very intense and that you had to be ready all the time. She called the Rammstein video shoot "a lifetime experience".[3]
  • The video in the theatre was shot from 6 in the morning to 2 in the night, the girls were on the set in high heels and Potocka said that she had to beg for a break for them.[4]
  • In the end, there is less dancing choreography in the clip than was recorded. A 3 minute scene with Till and the dancers didn't make the final cut.[3][5]
  • The band's full make-up took from 6 to 8 hours.[4]


  • Christoph Schneider
  • Paul Landers
  • Richard Z. Kruspe
  • Oliver Riedel
  • Till Lindemann
  • Flake
  • Ballet:
    • Karolina Górska
    • Julia Ławrenowa
    • Jennifer Król
    • Ewa Kocka
    • Agata Szafrańska
    • Hanna Sech
    • Sara Gorbaczyńska
    • Natalia Popławska
  • Theatre Director/Choreographer: Małgorzata Potocka
  • Production Company: Katapult Filmproduktion
  • Director: Joern Heitmann
  • Director Of Photography: Bernd Wondollek
  • Producers:
    • Alexander Kiening
    • Ingo Georgi
  • Line Producer: Ralph Remstedt
  • SFX Make Up:
    • Tomasz Matraszek
    • Izabela Woldańska
    • Michał Zabielski
    • Andrzej Dąbrowski
    • Agnieszka Adamska
    • Adrian Burz
  • Make Up: Katrin Westerhausen
  • Costume Designer: Markus Ernst
  • Production Designer: Marianna Mikołajczak-Lisiecka
  • Editor:
    • Arthur Heisler
    • Rob Myers
  • Senior Colorist: Nadir Mansouri
  • Post Producer: Björn Grundt
  • Grading Suite:
    • Mograde
    • Sarah Trostorff
  • Sounddesign:
    • Basis Berlin Postproduktion
    • Julian Kossmann
  • Photographer: Jens Koch
  • 1st AD: Marcin Gałczyński
  • 2nd AD: Weronika Rodowicz
  • Set Manager: Marcin Bielecki
  • Production Manager: Łukasz Szklarz
  • Location Manager: Zuzanna Borucka
  • 1st AC: Krystian Dąbek
  • 2nd AC: Filip Kozubek
  • Data Wrangler/VTR: Hubert Szpikowski
  • Playback Operator:
    • Marcin Pawłot
    • Miłosz Sapieha
  • Gaffer: Konrad Karasewicz
  • Best Boy: Michał Pióro
  • Spark:
    • Krzysztof Niewiadomski
    • Mateusz Rędowicz
    • Bartek Baprawski
  • Light Technician: Mariusz Nowak
  • Stage Technician:
    • Przemysław Klyszcz
    • Oktawian Ornoch
  • Genny: Jacek Sobczyński
  • Key Grip: Marcin Bębenista
  • Grip:
    • Karol Ambroszczyk
    • Marcin Wieczorek
    • Robert Bębenista
  • Grip Assistant: Bartosz Kurkiewicz
  • Set Decorator: Anna Marzeda
  • Prop Master: Mariusz Kowalski
  • Props:
    • Mirosław Opaliński
    • Antoni Adamski
  • Costume Design Assistant: Alina Berger
  • Wardrobe:
    • Kamila Kołek
    • Joanna Lisek
  • Theatre Wardrobe: Anna Oszust
  • SFX Make Up Assistant:
    • Jakub Hampel
    • Marta Dąbrowska
    • Marta Krasowska
    • Kajetan Wójcik
  • Ballet & Hair Stylist:
    • Agnieszka Rębecka
    • Ewelina Cnota
    • Joanna Tomaszycka
  • Production Assistant: Maria Filipowicz
  • Extras Coordinator: Paulina Braun
  • Hygiene:
    • Grzegorz Chmiel
    • Paulina Chmiel
  • Animal Trainer:
    • Beata Krzemińska
    • Jarosław Kucharek
  • Stage Hand:
    • Krzysztof Rożeluk
    • Krzysztof Stachowski
    • Orest Pidhorodetsky
  • Stage Hand Trainee: Sambor Bielecki
  • Stage Hand/Runner: Ernest Gracz
  • Theatre Manager: Jakub Mielcarz
  • Theatre Office:
    • Anna Leszczyńska
    • Aleksandra Mielcarz