26.02.1994 (concert)

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26 February 1994 [1]
Festival performance by Tempelprayers
Show count: #0
Performers: Till, Richard, Schneider, Olli and Paul
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #0
City: Berlin #0
Event: Metrobeat Festival #0
Venue: Kulturbrauerei
Attendance: 1000 - 3000[2]
Price: 12 DM
Touring chronology
26 February 1994 24 March 1994


  • The Metrobeat festival took place on 25 and 26 February at the Kulturbrauerei and Frannz Club in Berlin.[4]
    • 35 bands were supposed to play at the festival, but 4 cancelled.
    • Euphoria[2], EEE[5], Skin[5][6], Surge[5] and Tempelprayers are five of the six newcomer groups that are not mentioned on the poster. One band remains unknown.
  • Music journalists and attendees could nominate up to five bands and then have a poll on them. The winners would get a free recording session in a professional studio.
  • In 2011, Schneider told Rolling Stone that at the end of the show, Till told the crowd to "remember the name Rammstein".[7]
  • Schneider told in the same interview about this date being their second concert after the show at naTo in Leipzig[7], which collides with the timeline of events.
  • On 28 May 2021, an audio guide including information told by Paul was released. He revealed that their first public appearance happened at the Kesselhaus (one of the halls within the Kulturbrauerei complex) with a performance of four songs.[8]


The setlist is completely unknown.
Note: The performance consisted of four songs.[8]



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