24.03.1994 (concert)

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24 March 1994
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #1
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg #1
City: Leipzig #1
Venue: naTo #1
Attendance: 15[1]
Tour: Club Tour #1
Supporting: Acker Selection #1
Touring chronology
25/26 February 1994 24 March 1994 23 April 1994
Excerpt from the "30 Jahre naTo" book


This show was the first ever Rammstein concert. Rammstein played before Acker Selection[2] (sometimes also referred to as Golden Acker Rhythm Kings), the band of Flake's brother, Auge. This only happened because Flake spontaneously asked him if they could play before his band.[3] Both performances took place after a reading of Horst Liebscher.


The setlist is completely unknown.


For many years the date of the first concert was believed to be 14 April 1994, which turned out to be wrong.[3] Another misconception that was going around for a long time was that the live footage of the documentary Achtung! Wir kommen. was shot at this concert, which is also wrong.[4] The filming for the documentary took place on 27 August 1994.[4]


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