29.06.1996 (concert)

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June 29, 1996[1]
Performance by Rammstein
Performers: Till, Richard, Paul, Schneider[2]
Country: Germany Flag of Germany.svg
City: Dresden
Festival: Elbhangfest
Venue: Schloss Pillnitz[3]
Tour: Herzeleid Tour
Type: Special Show
Songs: 1
1996-06-29 poster.jpg
Touring chronology
June 22, 1996 June 29, 1996[1] July 5, 1997


  • The concert was a part of a "venetian night" organized by Holger John,[4] an artist from Dresden. Flake and Olli did not perform with the rest of the band, their instruments were pre-recorded, Richard and Paul played acoustic guitars that exploded at some point and Schneider left the stage during the show because it was too loud, later his drum kit exploded. They all were wearing black robes and masks, inspired by the movie Fantomas.[2]
  • The band used more pyrotechnics at this concert than ever before, at the end of it the whole stage was on fire. The organizers were terrified because the venue was newly refurbished.[2]



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