31.10.1998 (concert)

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31 October 1998
Richard performing in a wedding dress
Performance by Rammstein
Show count: #284
Country: United States Flag of United States.svg #44
City: Fairfax, VA #1
Venue: Patriot Center #1
Tour: Sehnsucht Tour #133
Tour leg: Family Values Tour 1998 #28
Other artists: Korn, Incubus, Limp Bizkit and Orgy
Songs: 3/4
Touring chronology
30 October 1998 31 October 1998 1 November 1998


  • This concert was played on Halloween, and the band dressed for the occasion. Most members were practically naked, except for Richard, who wore a wedding dress.
  • This concert was recorded for use on later releases including the CD and DVD of the tour.
  • During the concert armed police dragged one band member after another from the stage, so that the concert ended after three songs.[1]
    • While there were 3 songs fully performed, the band was performing their fourth song, Weißes Fleisch, while they were forced to go backstage.[2]


The complete setlist is unknown.

  1. Rammstein[3]
  2. Tier (presumably)
  3. Bestrafe mich (presumably)
  4. Weißes Fleisch[2]



  • A short video exists where the band members can be seen getting ready backstage. (Link)



  • The venue was renamed to EagleBank Arena at George Mason University on 1 July 2015.[4]