Holz (song)

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Song by Rammstein
Recorded: 2003
El Cortijo Studio, Málaga Flag of Spain.svg
Length: 04:57

Holz is an unreleased song by Rammstein.


  • This song has existed since the recording sessions for Reise, Reise and Rosenrot.
  • In March 2004 it was found in the GEMA database, which is how its existence is confirmed and its length is known. Later that month the German magazine "Sonic Seducer" published a tracklist of the 4th album, where Holz was listed as the 7th track.[1] As of today, the song has been removed from GEMA.
  • The lyrics of the song described the life of a tree, which a cross was made from.
    • It is observed that these lyrics could be inspired by an Old English Christian poem "Dream of the Rood".
  • According to fanclub members who have heard the song, it is a heavy ballad musically similar to songs like Dalai Lama, Spring and Donaukinder.
  • There are some rumors surrounding the song:
    • During the recording sessions of Rosenrot, the song was reworked and the band renamed it to Ahorn.
    • The guitar riff was re-used by Richard in some song off Emigrate's second album Silent So Long.



Title Release Length Recorded Released Notes
Holz 04:57 2003 GEMA database